Avengers 4 Title reveal-Avengers The Last Avenger Mark Ruffalo

Avengers 4 Title-Avengers 4 The Last Avenger

The Avengers 4 Title reveal by Mark Ruffalo on the Jimmy Fallon Show, but is it fake or real? I don’t know because I didn’t do the process which is going to be disclosed soon. The Marvel Studios has done everything to keep the details away from the fans to keep up the hype for Avengers 4. Though many leaks have been reported from the sets of Avengers 4 Reshoots, the main thing that has not yet revealed is the Avengers 4 Title. The fans have got crazy to hear any little news from anywhere regarding the Avengers 4 Title. The recent rumour was about the Avengers 4 Title being Avengers 4: Annihilation but now the new rumour is up. It’s not basically a rumour as the title has been spoken by Mark Ruffalo himself on the Jimmy Fallon’s Show. It is revealed to be Avengers The Last Avenger.

Mark Ruffalo dropped the spoiler on Jimmy Fallon’s Show, teasing the Avengers 4 Title. Everyone tuned in to see what he said, only to find out that his mouth was covered with a black bar in the post and the audio got replaced with a high-frequency ring. Everyone saw this as Marvel trolling them. But some believed that they can ake out what Ruffalo said by reading his expression and mouth movements. They were unable to do that, but thanks to Anton Volkov who successfully edited away the noise from the interview and revealed what Mark Ruffalo actually said. Many speculated it to be Avengers Annihilation but it was Avengers The Last Avenger. Check the tweet by Anton Volkov below and see for yourself:

The main thing to notice is that Avengers The Last Avenger doesn’t fit quite well. This is because Russo brothers revealed that Avengers: Forever is the closest guess for the Avengers 4 Title. Moreover, Mark Ruffalo said that the theAvengers 4 title is “out there”. That is quite a big thing to say. Either he didn’t know that it is not out yet or it is out and we don’t know about it. Also, Avengers The Last Avenger won’t fit as it is not a popular rumour as said by Ruffalo.

Mark Ruffalo at Jimmy Fallon Show Photo

This would be a reversal of Captain America: The First Avenger’s title. This will be similar to Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The latter could be an interesting comparison, as Luke died to allow a new generation of Jedi to rise. This can be seen as the approval of a theory or should I say a popular theory of Captain America dying in the movie. This could be seen as a way of bringing the next line of heroes. That could make it a choice for the conclusion of Phase 3. Another thing that I found weird is the use of the word Avenger twice in the Avengers 4 title. Avengers The Last Avenger. Doesn’t it sound weird or odd to you? Plus, would Marvel and Disney really allow the use of Avenger twice in the title?

Considering the circumstances of what Ruffalo said, it’s somewhat difficult to believe that The Last Avenger is the actual title. The entire Fallon skit with Ruffalo launching into an extended “spoiler” revealing Hulk’s involvement. So, Marvel could just as well have fed Mark Ruffalo a fake title to say to troll the fans. now, you will say then why bleep his voice? Well, that could be because if they have no other choice but to use this title only. So for that use, they could have bleeped him. Nonetheless, its great to know what Ruffalo actually said. Hopefully, it won’t be too long before Marvel and Disney actually reveal the Avengers 4 title. When they do so, the fandom will get to know whether it is Annihilation, The Last Avenger or something out of the box that we couldn’t have expected.

Stay tuned for further updates on Avengers 4. Avengers 4 hits the theatres on May 3, 2019.