Short Film Ayan Review – A Laugh Fest Showcasing Backstage Chaos

ayan review

The Viral Fever aka TVF has remained one of the significant content creators in the Indian YouTube arena making quirky and comedic videos with which youth easily connects. The channel rose to fame with its first web series titled TVF Pitchers and then there was no turning back for them. As with each of their subsequent series, they came close to the audience and soon became their favourite content provider. The reason behind their success to date is unique content coupled with amazing actors. To date most of the content has been developed for their own channel however recently TVF created a short film for Humara movies. The short film titled Ayan was released on the occasion of Diwali and is written directed by Biswapati Sarkar.

The story of Ayan showcases the behind the scenes of the play based on Ramayan and explores the scenario when the actor essaying the role of the lead character, Ram goes missing during the interval. The 14-minute short film is packed with humour and superb dialogues that make you laugh out loud. Ayan star cast includes …..The director quite beautifully exploits the chaos that arises behind the stage when the whole team finds about lead actor running away. There is not even a single dull moment in the film and each actor has done a tremendous work to make your stomach ache.

In wake of saving the play from being a disaster and save themselves from the anger audience, each character comes up with hilarious ideas to take ahead the play during the second half without the protagonist. Laxman played by Jeetendra refers to the teachings of Stelhenski, Ravan portrayed by Shivendu advice to follow Tarantino’s way or portraying the Ramayan. The film also takes a pun on the recent times when feminism is on the rise, as the actress playing Sita suggests that she doesn’t need Ram to save her from Ravan as she is an independent woman and can protect herself.

ayan review

The viewers which have done some theatre will surely connect with the happenings of backstage and will find it more hilarious. Everything fits perfectly in the film and the highlight is its amazing dialogues and realistic nature that makes each scene refreshing.

Final Verdict of Ayan

Ayan is a light-hearted short film that will make you chuckle and will leave a smile on your face. Do watch it to witness some amazing performances and quirky dialogues.


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