How to backup Whatsapp chats to Google drive: Step-by-Step


Chatting is always fun with Whatsapp, the simple user interface, easy to transfer media, payment option, makes it the popular messenger application. We are so dependent on this particular app that we do a lot of important chats and interaction on it. And sometimes we need all the previous chats on a new device, or even after reinstalling the app. For this Whatsapp allows the user to backup their chats on the Google Drive for always. The backup process is easy to setup and even the restoring is easy. So, here’s

How to backup Whatsapp chats.

STEP 1 –

Very firstly open the Whatsapp application and go to the Settings, which you will get the option by tapping on the three dot option on the top right. In Setting option select the Chats option.

STEP 2 –

After selecting the Chats options in the settings, you need to select the Chat backup option.

STEP 3 –

Chat backup us of two types, local backup, which make a backup of chats in the device itself, another is Google Drive backup. In the Chat backup option, you need to setup the Google Drive backup settings.

1. Back up to Google Drive: Select this option, and choose the suitable backup routine, but we recommend to backup chats Monthly.

Select routine

2. Account: Second option you can see is the Account option, select this to choose your Google Drive account, or you can add another.

Select account

3. Backup over: Third option that you can see in the backup options is to choose whether to backup the Chats over WiFi or mobile data.

STEP 4 ―

If you have done all the above steps, you are all done, just select the BACK UP option in the green tab. After which a backup will be created in the Google Drive on the selected account.

The backup chats which are saved in the Google Drive can be restored if you reinstall your Whatsapp application. For this just select the restore the chats option on the time you reinstall the app.

The chats can be restored even you are installing Whatsapp application on a new device. To restore the previous chats, you need the setup the Google Drive before installing the Whatsapp.

Note: The backup chats in the Whatsapp include photos, videos, and other media.

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