Bad teammates will be banned in Apex Legends, Respawn warned the community


In their recent announcement, Respawn has warned the whole Apex community that they are going to start penalizing bad teammates in the game. They can also impose a permanent ban on the players.

Teammates will be banned in Apex Legends

Apex Legends is one of the biggest game in Battle Royale genre, and many players want to level-up in the game as fast as possible. They try to survive longer in the game as surviving much longer rewards more XP. More XP means leveling up more quickly.

Respawn Entertainment has announced in a Reddit post on May 10th that they will start potentially imposing a permanent ban on the players who are using some illegal tactics like “piggy-backing” to level up quicker in Apex Legends.

Piggy Backing in Apex Legends

"Apex legends players ban"

Piggy Backing in the game is a term used when a player joins a squad and do nothing, instead depends on teammates to carry them to a good position in the game for gaining more experience and XP.

Respawn announced that after investigating the effect of this behavior on matches, they have decided to temporary ban players or the extreme case could lead to a permanent ban.

In the Reddit post, the company has also revealed its plans to fix the game’s crashing issue on PS4 as well as fixing hit registration on individual characters. The company has also confirmed that the new rule does not apply immediately in the game, but they will implement it in the near future.

Most of the players will welcome this feature as piggy-backing or not contributing to the game has been the primary concern of the players in the game.


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