Batman: Is the DC’s Dark Knight An Atheist?


We have always wondered that “Do Superheroes believe in god or are they atheist?” Do People who are one step shy of themselves being Gods believe in God or a higher being for that matter? Do gods even exist in these fictional universes? But then there are far too many biblical references in the DC Universe that are hard to ignore. Like the heavenly angel Zuriel who falls from heaven and becomes a superhero. The religious cosmology of the DC Universe is a massive labyrinthine with many pantheons of deities co-existing alongside each other. So it is safe to say that there is no shortage of gods in the DC Universe, yet it is batman that we wonder about! It is always Batman. Batman forever!

Batman: Is the DC's Dark Knight An Atheist?

It can be argued that for someone like Batman who has experienced so much loss and pain like losing his parents, his real and adoptive sons, and countless other close friends comprising the justice league, his mind is too numb to the idea of god.

Batman: Is the DC's Dark Knight An Atheist?

In this regard the words of ancient Greek philosopher Epicurus come to mind:

Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent.

Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent.

Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil?

Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?

Maybe this ancient quote justifies Batman’s lack of belief in god? That is to say if he does not believe in god.

If there is one thing we are sure of about Batman, it is that he is a sceptic. And sceptics are not known for their faith in the almighty. And after all vigilantism is not a very Christian virtue.

It is also hard to believe that for someone who has killed a god himself (the infamous god being Darkseid) that Bruce Wayne believes in god.

But recently in Justice League #25, DC surprised its fan with this revelation:

Batman: Is the DC's Dark Knight An Atheist?

Though what’s funny here is the choice of language by the writer. He does not believe in gods even after “meeting them”. Or maybe he does not believe in them in the traditional sense.

And then there is this too:

Batman: Is the DC's Dark Knight An Atheist?

Over the many decades since the creation of Batman, in the comics there has been no definitive mention of Batman’s religious affiliations which can probably attributed to the fear of offending the sensitivities of conservative or atheist fans. There were subtle hints though, about his lack of faith.

In a very similar way people model themselves after their icons, many times fans also tend to ascribe their own beliefs and convictions onto a fictional character.

So over the years fans made their own minds about what they wanted Batman to be.

Also the same is the case with writers, so considering who is writing, Batman’s atheist nature can change anytime soon in the future(Like The Frank Miller version of Batman is very different from the Bill finger or Bob Kane version).

Do you think Batman is an Atheist? Do let us know your views in comment section below!


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