Battlefield V Battle Royale mode revealed by EA at E3 2018


EA Play conference has been concluded at E3 2018 and while watching the trailers of the game displayed by EA, we can surely promise you that this will be an epic year for EA community and fans. The EA has showcased three games at the conference which includes Battlefield V, FIFA 19 and Anthem. In this article, we will talk about the Battlefield V

The battlefield was first introduced by EA DICE in 2002 and it has been great series of first-person shooter video games since then, bringing new titles each year.

But this year, it will bring and connect a lot more players to this first-person shooting game as Battlefield has included the multiplayer battle royale mode.

Battlefield V has included slew number of maps and modes to the game. The inclusion of numerous maps will keep the users engaged, as they won’t feel bored by sticking with the same map. The story and plot of Battlefield V have been set at the time of World War II. As stated in the conference by EA, while playing the game, players can connect with their players, as they will feel the emotions and tragic scenario humans went through at the point of time.

The game has very immersive gameplay and the graphics of the game looks absolutely stunning. Under the Frostbite engine, the graphics of the game and character faces looking more towards the real side, adding to the beauty of the game.

Battlefield V allows your player to break through windows to surprise the enemy, connect your vehicle with the moveable weaponry on the map. Now your enemy is no safer sitting behind the locked doors of houses and building, as this game allows you to take down the houses and building with the sheer force of tanks.

Battlefield V really looks very interactive, more information on the game will be revealed at the Xbox E3 briefing. In addition, you can also customize the looks of your player and can also play as a female player in the story mode of the game.

The game will launch on October 11th under EA Access trial. The deluxe edition of the game will be released on October 16th and its standard edition will release on October 19th