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Best anime app for Android 2018 –

There are a lot of apps to stream anime shows, can be found on the Android platform. Many of them are paid services like Hulu, Crunchyroll, and others. There are free apps too, where the user can watch shows for free of costs, but the majority of these apps have a limited number of anime shows. We have searched a lot and found a free to use app, which offers everything that an anime enthusiast will love. So, here is the best anime app for Android 2018.


Best anime app: HitAnime (Download Link)



First, we will talk about the design and user interface of HitAnime. And the app has a very good user interface and design, and you won’t feel any problem with surfing in the app. On the home page, you can see the search bar, from where you can search the anime that you want to search, also there is a RECENT RELEASE section where you can see all the new launched episode of your favorite anime shows. Also, there is a TRENDING ANIME section, using which the app recommends the anime to the user according to the recent searches and recent streams.

Best anime app for Android

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Not only this, on swiping right, the app menu opens and here also user gets a number of lists and section, using which user can discover more new anime shows. The Anime List shows the name of all the anime present in the database of the HitAnime app. The Anime Schedule section shows the release schedule of the new episode of the anime show according to the day, makes it easier for the user to track their favorite anime episodes. This is actually the best thing about the app, and with this, you won’t get confused, even if you watch a lot of anime series.

Best anime app for Android

Other than this, there is a history section, where you can easily manage all the anime and its episode that you like. In the History section, there is a Recently Viewed section, which keeps a history of the last watched anime shoes, or movies. In the My Favorites section, you can easily sort the animes which you like the most, by simply tapping on the heart icon. And to access the favorite anime all you need to is, go to the app menu and select the My Favorites section. My Watchlist is another section present in the history section, using which you can schedule the anime shows that you want to watch later. The list can be created in the list easily and it can be customized easily.

Best anime app for Android

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In apps settings, you get a number of options like Change Theme, Feedback, Check New Version, Reset Cache. The customizable theme is another feature of the app, using this, you can choose from 8 available option. There are also dark colors, like brown and black, which works as a dark mode and will be helpful for the users who use the app at night time.

Best anime app for Android



Talking about the content on the app, it can be said, the anime library is gigantic, there are hundreds of anime shows available on the app in every category like Romantic, Adventure, Sports, Sci-Fi, Action, Magic, Horror, Comedy, Super Power, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen, Martial Arts, Fight and a lot more. From this very large database of the anime, your probability of finding the rare and popular classic anime is quite high, though we can’t assure that you will find for sure. Other than old anime, the app is the house for all the latest anime titles broadcasting these days like Boruto, Tokyo Ghoul: RE, Black Clover, and others. Also, the popular anime movies can be found easily in the app, there is a dedicated section for the anime movies.

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HitAnime is a highly recommended app by us, the app is quite good in every section, whether it’s the design and user interface of the app, the different features to manage the favorite anime, ease of discovering new anime or the quantity and quality of the content available in the app database. You should try downloading the app at least once.

So, this is all about the best anime app for Android. And this is our favorite app to watch anime on Android, let us know in the comment section below, your favorite app to watch anime.

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