Best Anti Pollution Mask in India

Best Anti Pollution Mask
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Air Pollution in India has increased alarmingly, and the poisonous smog in the environment is making it hard to breathe. People are having problems like headache, itchiness in the eyes, lungs problem and what not. And this is the time where people can’t wait for rain and wind to wash away the poisonous air from the environment. Even you control your carbon footprint by decreasing the usage of motorcycle, cars, there are others factors too, which are increasing the level of polluting elements in the environment. As an ordinary citizen, all you can do to survive this situation is to stay at home, but logically, it’s not feasible at all, as we all need to go to work, colleges, so, the best you can do to survive this high level of pollution is using an anti-pollution mask. You should really consider buying a pollution mask if you remain out for a long time to stay away from any kind of harmful effects of pollution. Here, we have listed the best anti-pollution mask to buy in India.

Air pollution simply means, presence any unwanted matter in the air, it can be poisonous or not. During the Diwali season, the level of pollutants like SO2, NO2 as well as particulate matter smaller than 10μM is 2 to 6 times more than normal dissolve in the air which makes it harder for anybody to breathe normally, and especially the asthmatic patients. As we said earlier, the best thing that you can do is, use an anti-pollution mask, people are already using the masks, but some are not aware that they are using the wrong mask, that won’t save you from the harmful pollutants. Some people use a surgical mask, the one that doctors use during operating a patient, but a flat surgical mask only works as a simple filter against particulate matter, which is not enough. Other than this, you need to use a respirator mask, which works as a fine protection from the suspended particulate matter in the air.

Best Anti Pollution Mask
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So, you need to buy an anti-pollution mask that protects you from the Respiratory Suspended Particulate Matter with size less than 10μM (PM 10) and less than 2.5 (PM 2.5) and also from the poisonous gases like Sulfur dioxide (SO2) and Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2). here, we have listed the best anti-pollution mask to buy in India. The all listed masks are based on the report by the Indian Environment Portal and easily available from the online retailers, and all the mentioned masks are affordable too. The numbering in the list doesn’t give preference to any mask, you can choose any mask suitable for you. You can read specifications of the masks, and buy them if that suits you.

Anti Pollution Mask Specifications –

In the post below, we will be talking about some terms related to the anti-pollution mask specifications. You will read the rems like N-95 and N-99 ratings. Actually, these terms are related to the ability of the mask to filter out the particulate matter from the intake air. If you read N-95 rating, then it means that the respirator mask is able to filter out 95% of particulate matter (PM2.5) and similarly, the if you read N-99 rating, simply it means respirator can filter out 99% of particulate matter from the intake art. Simply, the N-99 rating anti-pollution mask is better than the N-95 rated mask. In our observation, you must go with the N-99 rating mask, but if you can’t find one, even the N-95 will do the task, but N-99 will be the best.

Best Anti Pollution Mask –


1. Honeywell Anti Pollution Masks –

The very first in the list of the best anti-pollution mask to buy in India comes from the company named, Honeywell, which a famous name in the international market for producing good quality air purifiers, thermostats, masks and a lot more. Honeywell face mask is a good choice, as it offers a variety of masks of various usage and specifications. The masks are good for the type of pollution in Delhi, as it comes with a KN-95 rating, which as we mentioned above, filter up to 95% of particulate matter, which includes the polluting material, and the harmful bacteria and viruses in the environment which are carried by air.

Honeywell masks come with a three layer of filter paper material which is a KN-95 material and best for the protection from the dust and particulate matter which are in high quantity in the polluted environment in Delhi. Also, the paper material used in the Honeywell masks comes with a better filtration strength as compared to the other masks of same segments. Now, talking about the price of the Honeywell Masks, it will cost you around Rs. 200 to Rs. 600, where you get a variety of colour options and prints to choose from. You can also buy the mask in a pack of 3, 5 or even 10. The Honeywell masks can be bought online from the Amazon easily, you can visit the link below to buy one.

Honeywell Anti Pollution Masks – BUY on AMAZON


2. Vogmask Anti Pollution Masks –

Now, second in the list is the Anti Pollution Mask by Vogmask. The Vogmask is the Indian brand which provides a range of anti-pollution masks. Vogmask provides the anti-pollution mask with different specifications, where you can choose accordingly, and if we talk specifically about the PM 2.5 anti-pollution masks, Vogmask is a good choice.

Vogmask masks are even more protected than the above-mentioned product, as it comes with a rating of N-99, which, again, we told earlier, filter up to 99% of particulate matter, and airborne bacteria and virus. Also, it comes with a CV rating, which means it comes with the activated carbon filter, which filters the harmful oxides of sulfur and nitrogen, which are really poisonous and harmful for the body and cause problems like a headache and itching in eyes. Also, the mask has an exhaust valve which prevents condensation from building up.

You can go with the Vogmask anti-pollution mask, for a more protective anti-pollution mask, where you can choose from a variety of color and prints. The best part is that the masks can be washed easily with water, so you need not change it more often. It will cost you around Rs. 2000 to buy a Vogmask anti-pollution mask. You can buy it online on Amazon or visit the store, which is in Saket, Delhi.

Vogmask Anti Pollution Masks – BUY on AMAZON

3. Cambridge Anti Pollution Masks –

Next in the list of best anti-pollution mask comes the Cambridge Anti Pollution Masks. Cambridge Mask is a UK based company which sells high-grade anti-pollution masks in India. There is a reason why we mentioned high-grade anti-pollution masks, it is because, Cambridge uses the UK military-grade technology, where the anti-pollution mask comes with a triple layer filtration system, and each layer filters a particular matter from the air.

Talking specifically about the military grade technology, the first layer of the mask filters out particles up to PM10 size. The second layer comes with a three-ply microparticulate material, which is a synthetic fabric to filter out the smaller particulate matter like PM 2.5 and PM 0.3. And at last, for the best protection, Cambridge anti-pollution mask also comes with a carbon filter layer, where instead of using an activated carbon valve, a layer of activated carbon comes in the mask which absorbs harmful sulphur oxides, harmful gases, and airborne bacteria and virus.

Also, the masks are washable, dust particles can be washed out, so, there is no need to change the mask again and again. However, you need to change the mask after 4 to 5 months of usage, or whenever you fill it is getting hard to breathe through the mask.

Talking about the pricing of the Cambridge anti-pollution mask, there are three variants available for the mask, No Valve, Single Valve and Double Valve. The price of the mask start from around Rs. 1500 and goes to around Rs. 2000. You can check out the exact pricing and different color and prints available at Amazon.

Cambridge Anti Pollution Masks BUY on AMAZON

4. Totobobo Anti Pollution Masks –

Next in the list is the Totobobo Anti Pollution Masks. Totobobo is the renowned name in Europe and Asia for producing an anti-pollution mask with various protection specifications. Totobobo fabricates Anti Pollution Masks with F-92, F-94 and F-96 specifications which can filter out the dust particles and harmful airborne bacteria easily. Unlike the fabric material in other mentioned masks, Totobobo masks come with a plastic material only which provides high flTotobobo Anti Pollution Mask only comes with a unique but simple look, and if you are looking for a coloured or print mask, you can’t go for it, but if you care about the protection over the look, you should really buy it. The price range of the mask starts from around Rs. 2,500 for the large size, where other sizes are also available for the sale at the online platform, Amazon.

Totobobo Anti Pollution Masks BUY on AMAZON

5. Dettol Anti Pollution Mask – 

Dettol is a well-known name in India for producing healthcare products like soap, antiseptic cream, and a lot more. And here, we have the Dettol anti-pollution mask called Dettol Siti SHIELD Protect+, which comes with a protection rating of N-98, which means the respirator is able to filter out 98% of particulate matter up to PM 2.5 size and not only this, it fits outs the harmful bacteria too.

The Dettol mask comes with three layers of protection from the pollutants, and not only this, at the outer most layer, a valve is attached for producing more filtered air, moreover, you can attach the microfilter instead of the valve, where the micro fan will be sold separately and can be used for more filtered air. The Dettol mask is made up of fabric material, and with the changeable valve, the mask can be used for a long time, however, it won’t last you forever, you should change it when it becomes hard to breathe through the mask.

Talking about the price of the Dettol anti-pollution mask, it can be owned at a very low price of Rs. 250 only. If you are interested, you can buy it from the online platform like Amazon.

Dettol Anti Pollution MaskBUY on AMAZON


So, this is all about the list for the best anti-pollution mask to buy in India. If you are having a problem in choosing the perfect anti-pollution mask for you, you can ask us in the comment section below.


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