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Korean tech giant, Samsung launched the most powerful Note and the next member in the premium Galaxy Note series, yes, it’s the all new Samsung Galaxy Note 9, which was launched on 9th of August at the Unpacked event in New York. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with the top-notch features, and comes with a bigger 6.4 inches of screen, which is a Super AMOLED display with a QuadHD resolution. Basically, the Galaxy Note 9 is a bigger device and with a bigger device comes bigger responsibility, you really need to have a Galaxy Note 9 case to protect the device from not only scratches but also from bumps and shocks. And most probably no one will ever want to drop a $999 dollar device. so, here we have created a list for the best Galaxy note 9 case by Samsung, and also you will find two affordable Galaxy Note case in the list.

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1. Samsung S-View cover –

If you are finding a good cover for your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 device, you can go for the Samsung S-View cover. The S-View cover is one of the popular covers for the Samsung Galaxy devices. The cover looks so great as the user can have a look on the device screen even the front case is closed or flipped, with which you can easily respond to incoming calls, reminders and any kind of notifications. More than this, you can fold the cover back to create a stand for the device with which you can easily watch videos without holding the device. You can buy one at the price of $59.99


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2. Samsung Leather Wallet Cover –

The next Galaxy note 9 case also comes from the Samsung, the cover is basically a Leather Wallet Cover which not only looks premium but also offers more protection for the device. The Wallet Galaxy note 9 case is made up of genuine leather, which offers additional protection to the device. Also, the interiors of the Leather Wallet covers comes with three pockets where you can hold your cards or some money for more handy usage. The Leather Wallet Galaxy Note 9 cover is available on the official website of Samsung and can be bought at the price of $59.99


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3. Spigen Liquid Air Armor –

If you want a Galaxy Note 9 case which offers protection, looks great and comes at a lower price than the price of official Galaxy Note 9 case by the Samsung, you can go with the covers and cases by Spigen. The Spigen Liquid Air Armor Galaxy Note 9 case looks good and will provide an elegant look to your Galaxy Note 9 device. Also, the criss-cross structure at the back provides a higher grip for holding the device. The Spigen Liquid Air Armor Galaxy Note 9 case can be bought at the price of $11.99 from Amazon.


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4. Samsung Rugged Protective Cover –

If you are looking for a more durable Galaxy Note 9 case, you can consider buying the Rugged Protective Cover by Samsung. The case looks promising and good, the rugged design at the back comes with military-grade certification. You can go for this Galaxy Note 9 case if your preference is protection first, but there is no problem with the looks too, the design is not fancy, but will look fine on the device. The Rugged Protective Galaxy Note 9 case can be bought at the price of $39.99 from the official website of Samsung.



5. Spigen Rugged Armor case –

Spigen Rugged Armor is another Galaxy Note 9 case which could be an option if you are looking for a comparatively cheaper Note 9 case but with most protection. The Rugged Armor is really a good option from Spigen, which offers higher protection which is also military-grade certified. The case comes with Air Cushion technology, which will protect the chassis of the device with bumps and shocks easily. Talking about the looks, the Galaxy Note 9 case looks good, at the top and bottom you get extra grips, which will help to hold the device in the conditions when you need to hold the device with a single when watching videos on Galaxy Note 9. The Spigen Rugged Armor Galaxy Note 9 case can be bought at the price of $12.99 from Amazon.



6. Samsung Silicon Cover –

Best Galaxy Note 9 cases

This is another cover for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and the most basic cover. The Silicon cover by the Samsung is available on the Samsung official website. The silicon cover offers a comfortable grip on the hands and you can surely buy it if you need a basic cover for your Galaxy Note 9 device. You should really go for the Silicon Cover which is available to buy at the cost of $39.99.




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