Best Indian Sweets for Diwali to cherish & share with loved ones


The merry season has just started in India and Diwali is ‘The Festival of Sweets’ and here are our Easy Indian Diwali Sweets to appreciate.

More is always better, you can’t simply stop at one and they come in all shapes, shading, and size.

There is a well-known axiom in India that ‘Individuals will eat half of their sustenance and keep space for pastries cause as Indian’s we looooove our desserts!

Furthermore, why not, with so much decent variety, each state or city is well known for their specific desserts or ‘Mithai’ as we famously call it in India.

Particularly, in Diwali, the greater part of the sweet shops, begin getting ready for twofold/triple the number of desserts they ordinarily make and trust me they all get sold.

There are times when several extremely popular shops truly have lines of individuals purchasing a specific sweet.

In this way, we bring for you, a portion of the popular Indian Sweets that you can without much of a stretch make at home for Diwali.

Also, the best part about making your very own sweet is that you can control the measure of sugar or whatever another fixing that goes in it.

Best Indian Sweets for Diwali 

1. Gulkand Rabri

One of the most scrumptious sweets. It is made with thickened milk and Gulkand.
Gulkand is an Indian mix of roses with sugar and sweet flavours.

Best Indian Sweets for Diwali 

2. Chana Dal Barfi

Melt-in-your-mouth sweet, made with split chickpeas and delicately laced with cardamom. A fudgy, nutty piece of heaven.

Best Indian Sweets for Diwali 

3. Besan laddoo

Laddoos are never off-season. Festivals are incomplete without laddoos. They are made using Chickpea, sugar, ghee and nuts.

Best Indian Sweets for Diwali 

4. Malai Chum- Chum

This sweet has a texture similar to Rasgullas and is rich due to the addition of malai and the stuffing in it.

Best Indian Sweets for Diwali 

5. Shahi Saffron Pistachio Sevaiyan

Thick and velvety seviyan formula that is loaded up with the sweet-smelling and heavenly kinds of saffron, pistachio, almond and rosewater for that Perfect Festive treat.

Best Indian Sweets for Diwali 

6. Gulabi Kalakand

Rose Water flavoured ricotta sweet is a light and soft Indian dessert that’s extremely easy to make at home.

Best Indian Sweets for Diwali 

7. Pumpkin Burfi

Barfi is an Indian fudge which is made using milk and combined with Mawa and basin. pumpkin Burfi includes pumpkin as an ingredient.

Best Indian Sweets for Diwali 

8. Gulab Jamun Parfait

A luscious yet healthy Diwali dessert recipe made using gulab jamun, yoghurt, cream and lots of love.

Best Indian Sweets for Diwali 

9. Poha-Coconut Ladoo

They are also called rice coconut laddoo. Basically, they are Beaten Rice and Coconut Balls.

Best Indian Sweets for Diwali 

10. Quick Bengali Sandesh

Bengal is a land of sweets. Indian Milk Fudge: absolutely divine & equally easy recipe to make Bengali Sandesh.

Hope the article helps you selecting and tasting new tastes on Diwali. Have a safe and crackerless Diwali guys!

Best Indian Sweets for Diwali 

These are picks for Best Indian Sweets for Diwali that you must try and gift to your relatives