BETTER SLEEP BETTER HEALTH !! Top Eight Ways to Sleep ??

An old proverb says “Better Sleep Better Health” But why it says so?? Have you ever wondered you feel fresh in morning when you get a proper sleep. Well, as we utilise our body all day long it’s the night time when our body gets rejuvenated. So it’s equally essential along with proper diet and exercise we are also required to maintain proper sleep patterns.
Things you should do to get effective sleep.

Get away from Coffee – Stay away from coffee at night, as it contains caffeine which increase stress hormones. Stress response evokes insulin. Insulation increases inflammation which you lousy
Maintain Sleep Pattern – Maintain a proper sleeping pattern is very important as being lazy & getting up till afternoon can disturbs your Biological Clock and can cause insomniac problems
Light Dinner– Make sure to have healthy food always and have a light dinner. Don’t take heavy & spicy foods as it might increase the acidity can give you troublesome night
No Smoking – Smoking is injurious to health written on ever packet of cigarette but many people clings to it, often ends up as smoking addict. Smoking damages lungs in invariably many manners but can also result to sleep apnea which can give sleep troubles.
Stay Away from Alcohol – Try to stay away from alcohol. It can help you doze off quick but once you wake up your head feel fuzzy and uneasiness in body.
Stay away from Gadgets – Try to Stay away from Gadgets one hour before sleep, as from the study conducted the rays from mobile devices stimulates brain, making it difficult to sleep quickly.
Dark up the room – Shutting off the lights at night before sleep, signals the brain it’s time for sleep & lets you doze off quickly. Phone rays can disturb the production of melatonin which regulates sleep cycles.
Stay fit & Active – Doing exercise each day, helps to stay active and boost immune system. Staying fit radiates positive energy within body and helps you feel good about oneself.


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