Short Film Bhojon e Bhogoban Review – A Story With Beautiful Message

bhojon e bhogoban review

Bhojon e Bhogoban Review

A short film by Somak Mukherjee. This short film has been made in Bengali, but once you see it, you can easily understand the idea behind the storyline. It depends on a viewers taste as to how the audience likes it. But according to my suggestion, this short film can be watched. This film conveys how people in our Indian society, here talking about Hindu religion, how deep is their faith in God and how do they worship God.

The film opens, and we find an old lady, early in the morning humming a bhajan is in her small temple inside her house, she performs all her daily rituals continuing to hum a prayer, at the end she offers a sweet ladoo, water and some flowers to god and leaves the room. Meanwhile, the audience also gets to see her family as a subplot in the background, her husband, son, daughter in law and her grandson lives under a roof.

In the evening, she comes inside her temple room, we can see her chanting another song this time, according to the Hindu tradition it was time for god to sleep. She is quite surprised to see the laddoo missing from the temple, but she lets it go and blows the shank and covers the curtains. During this scene, we get to sense something beautiful, while she is chanting her prayers and blowing the shank there is Namaz going on in the backdrop, it is a beautiful blend of two different religions.

The laddoo goes missing the next day too, she starts to get worried and try discussing it with other members of the family but no one takes her seriously. In the end, the audience gets to see where the missing ladoos go to. It is her little grandson, who while playing in the garden, carefully slips the ladoo in the hands of a poor girl living on the road near their house. Therefore, this is how God actually eats the ladoo offered to him.

bhojon e bhogoban review

Many of the viewers may find it a little boring but it has a very deep meaning.


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