Big Rebalancing on Damage Output of Shotguns coming in Fortnite Upcoming Update v6.31


Weapons damage power has also been a matter of discussion over the last six seasons of the Fortnite. With some weapons offering a great range of accuracy and distance while offering greater damage.

Many weapons kept adding to the game, and overly powered and unpopular weapons kept dropping off from the game.

One weapon which previously sparked huge discussion among the gaming community was the Guided Missile, which is vaulted now. Another weapon, which has been constantly gone through rebalancing is “Shotgun”. Epic Games, Eric Williamson, Design Lead has shared the upcoming changes to the shotgun which have been planned for update v6.31

Earlier Epic Games provided fixes, To prevent the “double pump” (allowing players to rapidly switch the two shotguns, eliminating pump action) and higher damage from a range, has now made the shotgun unpopular against the SMG

Previously, Shotguns were are the perfect fit for players to deal heavy damage to opponents which now has been shifting to SMG, due to Epic Games preventive measures to minimise the overly powered nature of Shotguns

But on November 20, Epic Games Eric Williamson has shared a post on Twitter mentioning Rebalance is coming to Pump Shotgun to improve its effectiveness, and also a major change to the damage output of all shotguns

Rebalancing on Damage Output of Shotguns

Rebalancing on Damage Output of Shotguns 

In the upcoming Fortnite v6.21 content update, the minimum damage will be of three pellets even if only two pellets hit.

In another clarification on Reddit, Eric has answered a query of the user, which can be read below

Rebalancing on Damage Output of Shotguns

With the upcoming change in damage output of all the shotguns, these might not be neglected by players from the Fortnite update v6.21


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