Black Clover anime extends further for Fall Season


Studio Pierrot has announced a great news for all the Black Clover fans, as the anime adaption of Black Clover has been extended from it’s pre-decided 51 episodes order for Season 1

Currently, in the Black Clover anime, Seabed Temple arc is approaching near the end so the fans were waiting for the announcement of its second season.

But the Crunchyroll has officially confirmed the continuation of the series, which will begin from October and add to its fall season.

Black Clover anime

Not many details have been disclosed regarding the upcoming episodes, but the Studio Pierrot has confirmed, they will make the series as good as their previous work like Bleach and Naruto

Black Clover anime

Crunchyroll has released a trailer related to its extension. Although in the upcoming episodes we will observe Asta new look and unleashed new power. This form will be seen at the Seabed Temple arc. Currently, we are observing the battle going on in-between Asta and Vetto.

The series has several hiccups in the starting related to its liking among the audience, but Seabed Temple arc is changing the perception and creating a positive imprint on the audience.

Black Clover is a fantasy based anime, which has been penned down by author Yuki Tabata. The manga follows the story of Asta and Yuno, who are orphans, who have been raised together from the birth. In the world, where one is able to perform the magic but Asta does not have this ability which leads him to train physically. Both Asta and Yuno want to become the strongest wizards in the Clover Kingdom. The anime can be watched with the English subtitles on the Crunchyroll and its English dub version can be watched on FunimationNow