Black Clover Chapter 174 Spoilers, Predictions And Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 174 Spoilers

Fans were disappointed by the initial arc of Black Clover manga, but now they have no reason to regret over reading this wonderful series by Yūki Tabata. Chapter by chapter it is getting more interesting especially in the latest arc where elves are dominating clover kingdom. They are reducing the number of Magic Knights by possessing them. Currently, all are targeting Capital Royal. Yami and Finral also reached there to stop them. Next chapter will be more interesting as the torch of the final battle has been lit. In this post, we will discuss Black Clover chapter 174 Spoilers and prediction along with the short overview of the latest chapter.

Black Clover Chapter 174 Spoilers

Black Clover Chapter 174 Spoilers

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The latest chapter was all about the preparation of the final war between the Magic Knights and the elves. Whole golden dawn led by Langris reached the front of the Capital palace to settle the matter with King and everyone inside there. Langris was able to get inside the palace while others were suddenly stopped by Yami and Finral. Finral and Yami were outnumbered by possessed golden dawn members but Green Mantis’s Captain Jack the Ripper came there as solo reinforcement for the time being.

Black Clover Chapter 174 Spoilers

Both Yami and Jack were able to cut down the Sandler’s golem after a failed attempt.

Black Clover Chapter 174 Spoilers

Black Clover Chapter 174 Spoilers

So, the decisive battle has begun with the Yami and Ripper clashing with one of the strongest members of the Golden Dawns. It’s just beginning, in the next chapter we will see them taking on the others elves. The next chapter will be an interesting one as Magic Knights will show their true power. With the reinforcements Yami will others will defeat the elves.

We might be able to know Langris’s elf reason to meet the King and what he wants from him.

Black Clover Chapter 174 Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 174 is scheduled to release on 21st September and it will be the best chapter of the black clover manga so far. So don’t forget to read it.


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