Black Clover Episode 37 Spoilers: The One With No Magic

The battle between Magic Knight Kings and Third Eye of Eye of the Midnight Sun;
Some who surpasses his limits;

One of the best episodes in Black Clover series so far is Episode 36, which show the battle between the power of light and the power of darkness. In the last episode, we have seen combat skills of Captain Yami, Knight King of Black Bulls and Patri, leader of Eye of the Midnight Sun.
During the battle, Captain Yami manifested his true power of darkness and Ki and also taught Asta, the secrets of mastering Ki. With the help of Gauche and Asta, Captain Yami defeated Patri. The episode was about to end where Captain Yami was fighting to the three new strongest members from Eye of the Midnight Sun and also protecting Asta and other Black Bull members. The Eye of the Midnight Sun leaders Vetto, Rhya and Fana are said to be the Third Eye and the strongest among all. Even Patri introduced them that they all are stronger than him in combat skills. They all three were fighting against the weaken Captain Yami and the moment comes when all three of them attacked their most powerful magic spells towards Yami at the same time. The attack was powerful enough to end Yami’s life until a deflection arise.

Black Clover Episode 37
Black Clover Episode 37

There is a twist in the last moment of the episode, we see the appearance of three Magic Knight Captains. The three captains Jack the Ripper, Nozel Silva, & Charlotte Roselei
arrived to save Yami’s life. Now in the next episode, we will witness their magic abilities and power.

Black Clover Episode 37
Title: The One With No Magic

This episode will air on 19th June, that is, on Tuesday. In next episode, we’ll see the fight between the Magic Knight Kings and Third Eye of Eye of the Midnight Sun. From the title, we clearly indicate to Asta, as he is the only one having No Magical Powers. So in next episode, Asta in action will be surpassing his limits.

Black Clover Episode 37
Black Clover Episode 37

During the battle, both Patri and Valtos will also come back in action. Patri and Valtos are recovered by Fana, and they will try to assail on Asta.
As we already saw in the previous episode, Patri only wants Asta’s Grimoire. We could say that the battle will go insane in episode 37.

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