Black Clover Episode 49 Spoilers, Slice Open Density, Release Date

Black Clover Episode 49 Spoilers

Black Clover is a fantasy based anime, which has been penned down by author Yuki Tabata. The manga follows the story of Asta and Yuno, who are orphans, who have been raised together from the birth. In the world, where one is able to perform the magic but Asta does not have this ability which leads him to train physically. In the article below we talk about the last episode and discuss the possible Black Clover Episode 49 Spoilers.

Black Clover Episode 49 Spoilers 

Before proceeding to the Black Clover Episode 49 Spoilers, let us discuss the proceedings of the previous episode. In the last episode of Black Clover, we have seen that Asta inspires new belief within Vanessa and Finral. As even without the magic, he refuses to give up and takes the fight back to Vetto

Black Clover Episode 49 Spoilers

Both Vanessa and Finral remember their old days and how they became the part of Black Bulls after being rejected by the society.

Black Clover anime extends further for Fall Season

Black Clover Episode 49 Spoilers

In the upcoming episode of Black Clover, we will see Asta tries to attack the Vetto with his full force, but instead of deflecting the attack. Vetto takes a direct hit on himself. He will do that to take away his sword.

Black Clover Episode 49 Spoilers

But Asta didn’t give up and ends into despair and along with Venessa and Finral, he again launches an attack with another sword. Vetto will be so surprised and asking himself ” How he can lose “. The upcoming episode also educates us a lesson for life, no matter how bad a situation is, one must never give up and keep doing the right thing.

Black Clover Episode 49 Release Date

Black Clover Episode 49 has been scheduled to be released on 11th September 2018



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