Black Clover Episode 55 Spoilers, Release Date, Plot, Watch Online

Black Clover Episode 55 Spoilers

Black Clover is a fantasy based anime, which has been penned down by author Yuki Tabata. The manga follows the story of Asta and Yuno, who are orphans, who have been raised together from the birth. In the world, where one is able to perform the magic but Asta does not have this ability which leads him to train physically. In the article below we talk about the last episode and discuss the possible Black Clover Episode 55 Spoilers.

Black Clover Episode 55 Spoilers

In the last episode of Black Clover we have seen that Asta’s arm is not in a good shape, also he got to realise that he can’t use his arm anymore and it requires healing. This thing was disclosed to everyone after the party which has been thrown by Yami.

Black Clover Episode 55 Spoilers

Yami gave all the Black Bulls members a party for their recent achievements. After the end of the party, everyone came to know that Asta can’t use his arm any further which made everyone very emotional. Everyone wants to help out Asta, such that he can get a speedy recovery

Black Clover Episode 55 Spoilers

Following the Spoilers of Black Clover Episode 55, Asta teammates will try to help Asta and find a cure for his damaged arm. We will see Noelle will visit the Fanzell and shares the Asta condition.

Black Clover Episode 55 Spoilers

Fanzell will tell Noelle, that they can find a cure for Asta in the Witch Forest. We will see Fenzell goes to the Witch Forest alongside Asta. We will also see the development of the relationship between Fanzell and Asta

Black Clover Episode 55 Spoilers Release Date

Black Clover Episode 55 Spoilers will be released on 23rd October 2018


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