‘Black Lightning’ CW’s newest superhero to join Arrowverse


Here check out new images and details regarding CW’s ‘Black Lightning’

The CW is bringing another superhero to the Arrowverse, who goes by the name of ‘Black Lightning’. He is not another young teenager who got lucky during science experiment or some alien who has unlimited powers.

The series revolves around a man who is a dad and a principal, who hung up his suit a long time ago for the benefit of his family. The unique part of this series could be that the main character that is Jefferson Pierce has to focus on his day job along with job where he is a vigilante.  In earlier shows by CW like Flash, Arrow, etc. the focus is always laid on their superhero part of life.

Earlier this year a small sneak peak was released, and it gave a good glimpse into the story & main characters. As we go through the trailer, we get an idea how Black Lightning is forced to come back and save his city from the gang named The One Hundred. He has superhuman ability to harness and control electricity & trailer also gave a hint that same capacity runs in his family.

It will be fun to watch a black superhero from DC, kicking some ass. I think he will be an excellent addition to the Arrowverse. The series premiers on January 16th, till then enjoy these cool images released by CW this week.




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