Black Ops 4 : Blackout New LTM “Down But Not Out” is live now

Black Ops 4 : Blackout New LTM

Treyarch is giving us a New Year Treat a bit lately with its new limited time mode for Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Game. The new LTM is called “Down But Not Out”.

The new mode has been added to the game on January 16th, and it has included Respawn feature to the Blackout mode and it is the first time such feature has been introduced since the release of the game.

Down But Not Out is a squad-based LTM, which features up to four players and the mode works in a way, if one of the team members is alive when the Collapse Safety circle resets to the next one, all the teammates will respawn on the map, even if they had been previously eliminated.

The only way your squad will get eliminated is if all the players of your squad dies before the next Collapse reset.

The players will be spawned back to the game, via helicopter. Each player which spawn back to the game will get basic survival kit including pistol, bandages, and a single perk.

The schedule and timings of this mode have been mentioned below

For PS4 Users – January 16th – January 30th at 10 AM PT/ 1 AM ET

As Sony has an exclusive deal with Activision, PS4 players can enjoy this mode 7 days prior to PC and Xbox One owners.

Black Ops 4 : Blackout New LTM "Down But Not Out" is live now

For PC & Xbox One players, the mode will get live on January 23.


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