Black Ops 4 Bullet Drop for all the guns in Blackout Mode

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In a Battle Royale Game, Bullet Drop is an important aspect and its information can really improve your shooting ability during the match

In the Black Ops 4 Blackout Mode, different weapons have varied bullet drops and Call of Duty Expert “TheXclusiveAce” has gone into its detail

With the availability of the Custom Games, now one can set a condition to test the bullet drop of different weapons and COD Expert “TheXclusiveAce” has done the same

Black Ops 4 Bullet Drop for All Guns

In order to test the bullet drop, The XclusiveAce has selected a specific spot “Turbine” on the map and then aiming the same spot with different weapons

He observed that the bullet travel time is directly proportional to bullet drop, which means the more bullet drop you have, slower the bullet will travel

Black Ops 4 Bullet Drop Blackout

Black Ops 4 Bullet Drop Blackout

In his observation, he found that all the sniper and assault rifles have similar bullet drop while certain SMG has varied Bullet Drop Rate

He also took an observation at the Extended Barrel and Suppressor

While using the suppressors he found out that, it does have a much negative effect, as it only reduced the range slightly

Coming to Extended Barrels, they reduced a noticeable bullet drop


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