Black Ops 4 : Operation Grand Heist Details shared by Treyarch

Black Ops 4 Grand Heist

Treyarch has revealed the looks and details of their upcoming operation Grand Heist. The upcoming update for the Call of Duty Black Ops 4 features new game modes, skins and vehicles, and the return of a fan-favorite specialist.

In a Twitter post, Treyarch revealed the details for the next operation. The post has also shared the titles of two upcoming game modes, one in the chamber and Hot Pursuit. A new location for the Blackout mode “Ghostown” and the next installment of Multiplayer Maps, which includes Lockout and Casino.

Operation Grand Heist Ghost Town

Operation Grand Heist


Two maps are added for the multiplayer mode of the game. The Casino map will have a shiny environment to fight out whereas the Lockout map features modern style police station from Los Angeles.

Blackout Battle Royale

The battle royale mode is getting a new mode Hot Pursuit under the banner of Grand Heist. Also, the battle royale mode of the game ‘Blackout’ will get new vehicles which include SUV, a patrol bot and a muscle car. Also, players can enjoy a new location called Ghost Town. Cosmic Silverback will be added to the game for Black Ops Pass holders.

New Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout map


For the zombie’s lovers, Treyarch is going to introduce a range of features in the upcoming update which includes Server Pauses, Host Migration and Splitscreen Pause.


Also, new weapons and signature weapons will be added to the game.