Black Ops4 Biggest Update Operation Absolute Zero : Multiplayer, Blackout, Zombies coming December 11 on PS4

Call of Duty Operation Absolute Zero

Treyarch in their official blog has mentioned that they are really overwhelmed with the response received for the Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Game. The latest edition of the Call of Duty game features various specialists, and among the list of specialists, Treyarch is adding one more

On December 11th, Treyarch is mentioning the release of the biggest game update for Call of Duty Black Ops4 with the Operation Absolute Zero on PS4 and developers are eyeing to make BlackOps 4 best supported and frequently updated game in the history.

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Operation Absolute Zero: Multiplayer

The upcoming Operation Absolute Zero will introduce the new specialist for the game “Zero”, who is a versatile and deadly hacker and can be accessed in both Multiplayer and Blackout

In the Multiplayer mode, Zero has the capacity to distract enemies by using powerful hacking tools and also new counteractive measures. Zero can be unlocked from all new Black Market by completing Tier 1

Operation Absolute Zero

You can also earn new Multiplayer weapons in Operation Absolute Zero via Contraband tiers in Black Market which includes Daemon 3XB SMG, SWAT RFT assault rifle, and Secret Santa melee weapon

In addition to it, these weapons can be also be accessed via Blackjack’s Gun Game, which is one of four featured multiplayer playlists coming out next week on PS4. They will also be available in the Blackout weapon drops. Featured MP playlist will keep changing throughout the year

The new holiday event is commencing from December 13th on PS4 which will have seasonal items to unlock

Operation Absolute Zero: Blackout

With Operation Absolute Zero arrival next week, everything will change for Blackout

Starting from December 10, the game will receive a major update to improve the overall Blackout experience for all the players. The changes include a new Armor repair system, audio improvements, SDM, and spitfire weapon balancing

Also, you will notice seasonal changes for the game

The new update will cover softer winter lighting, smoke trails of players to give an idea where your team is landing. A softer environment for Nuketown Island, Hydro Dam and Factory

A new destination named as Hijacked will debut for the game on December 11 for PS4. Also, a new ARAV armoured vehicle with turret mounted machine will light up your foes to aches will be available in dry land

New weapons can also be found in the upcoming update of December 11th, 2018

Above all this, free content is dropping off in next week, and more is coming for Blackout including Custom games, weapon camos, Stash interface update on Consoles, holiday map decorations, throwable snowballs, new seasonal event Tiers and gameplay improvements

Operation Absolute Zero: Zombies

For the lovers of Zombies, Treyarch is looking to enhance the players experience with the upcoming update. Three new features will be introduced for all the Zombie players across all the platforms which includes: Daily Callings, the Black Ops Authenticity Stamp System, and Daily Tier Skips for Zombies

Daily Callings will offer bonus XP and Nebulium Plasma to players when they complete the challenges. In order to find daily challenges, you are required to check Zombies Barracks for each day which will also help you to level up faster

Black Ops Authenticity Stamp will allow players to verify and share their game results with a personalized code at end of each match

Black Ops Authenticity Stamp website tracks a variety of stats, including:

  • Number of kills, deaths, downs, revives, headshots, and rounds survived
  • Map selection, game type, numbers of players, and difficulty attempted
  • Special Weapons, Equipment, and Talismans used
  • Perks and Elixirs equipped
  • Number of Elixirs consumed
  • Match duration, score spent, final score, and more

Further listening to the request of all the players to earn Black Market Tier progression by playing Zombies, the developers are introducing Daily Tier Skip for Zombies.

It will kick off next week and by completing 15 rounds in one game of Classic Zombies each day will reward you daily bonus Black Market Tier


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