Black Panther Final Trailer is Packed with Action & Fantastic Music

Marvel Reveals Black Panther Final Trailer!!

As the release of Black Panther nears Marvel has put all its efforts behind it. Yesterday it launched another trailer during the mid-break of National Championship Game. The trailer throws light on the character of T.Challa who is finding it difficult to rule the kingdom after the sudden demise of his father.

The thing that shines out in the trailer other than amazing action sequences and breathtaking landscapes is the music. We think that inclusion of Kendrick Lamar has done the trick for them as you feel each beat of the music that is accompanied by thrilling action. The movie is just three weeks away and even after a good number of trailers we don’t have a slight idea of the plot and the mystical Kingdom of Wakanda.

This one focuses little more on the character of Michael B Jordan as compared to previous ones. We see him fighting for the throne against his brother, and it seems he will go to any limit to have it all. It shows how much is hidden from the world as they think of Wakanda as a third world country but in actual it is a technical marvel. It seems like Ryan Coogler’s creation will have much more epicness hidden and will surely blow our mind.


Black Panther will be the first movie of this year to churn out bundles of money for Marvel. And with movies like Avengers: Infinity War lined up for the summer release Marvel will have a spectacular year to remember. With so much mystery around the story and mind-blowing trailers we are thrilled about the Black Panther and are eagerly waiting for it to hit theatres on February 16th, 2018.


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