Black Panther Review – Ryan Coogler’s Creation is One of the Marvel’s Finest


Will Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther open the doors for colored superheroes?

Marvel cinematic universe just completed its ten years, and the whole team got together to celebrate the fantastic journey. The studio not only made colossal money but gave us, an audience and comic lover a world to wait for and have sleepless nights imagining its favorite Superheroes next move. This will be the most crucial year for Marvel as there are around 3-4 movies lined up. Whenever we discuss Marvel, it is bound to talk about it’s most significant rival DC. With current establishments, it looks like DC will take another 3-4 years even to imagine coming close to its nemesis. Marvel is a behemoth which grows taller every month.

Black Panther opened this account at the box office, and we can assure you that it has given Marvel a hell of a beginning. It is undoubtedly not like other Marvel movies which are focused on Good or Bad, but this one joins the rank of studios best, Captain America Civil War. Both these movies are character driven, and antagonist in each of them puts a point a forward with which you agree. The credit for the intense character-driven superhero drama goes to Ryan Coogler and Joe Robert Cole.


The story is well written which takes us to the country of peace and the one with supreme technology, Wakanda. It is the small nation situated in Africa where once a meteorite fell and gave our world most strongest metal Vibranium. The movie opens up with an interactive sequence where it narrates you how Wakanda came into existence?, Who are the inhabitants of that country and Why they still hide their true self from the world?

The film never loses its pace throughout the runtime of 2hr 14min. The opening sequence puts you directly into action where Black Panther shows off his cool moves. The director has done a marvelous job by focusing on the minute details of the African culture, ethics and tribal lifestyle. These details can be observed clearly during the crowning ceremony of T’challa (Chadwick Boseman). As T’Challa sits on the thrown, on the other side of the world, we are introduced to Killmonger portrayed by Michael B Jordan. From the first scene, he appears enigmatic and an antagonist with the plan.

The plot has signature Marvel comedy woven in between which will surely make you chuckle. The film has focused more on the aspect of T’CHALLA who is King rather than who is Black Panther. This particular point makes it excel on every front as we his struggle with himself and the outside world. As the story progresses, he has to deal with the wrongdoings of his ancestors which now have put his country in the grave danger. The danger is none other than Killmonger who is the most influential villain Marvel has ever put on the screen. He is the one who makes the correct point which even makes Black Pather analyze his inner self. The cause he fighting for is good, but the method he chose is of pure destruction and evil. Ryan Coogler has given us a villain who does everything for a more prominent reason rather than being power hungry asshole.


The story appropriately sits in the current political scenario of the world where big countries like the US are thinking of freedom by building barriers whereas real freedom and peace will prevail when we build bridges. There is a lot to learn from this superhero action flick.

With excellent character arc like this action sequences act as cherry on the top. The chase sequence in South Korea is pure art that will leave you on the edge of your seats. The direction of is pure class, and at the very young age, Ryan Coogler has proven his mettle with three back to back hits. He beautifully captures the conflict in each character, the mesmerizing beauty of Wakanda and even the high octane action.

Other characters also add significantly to the story be it Ulysses Klaue portrayed by Andy Serkis and Everett K. Ross portrayed by Martin Freeman both of them bring humor and action to the table. Another shining jewel in the Black Panther’s crown is that female characters sit at the center of the story and they play role in progressing the plot. The female characters Okoye, Nakia, and Shuri played by Danai Gurira, Lupita Nyong’o and Letitia Wright respectively are not there just for glamour but also give a tough fight to bad guys both mentally and physically.


The background score of this superhero drama should get a special mention because the African beats during various scenes bring depth to the story. The drum beats and tribal vocals set your pulse racing than on top of it we have Kendrick Lamar’s music that takes the movie to whole another level. Marvel has now also started created magic with music.

Overall, Black Panther is Valentine’s gift specially wrapped by Marvel to all of its fans. It has not only excellent action but also the spectacular character-driven story where each actor has done admirable work. The film has a minor flaw in it that is little rough on CGI in few scenes and less onscreen time for Killmonger (we wanted him more). But keeping that apart it’s best superhero movie we could have asked for. And For me, it has joined the likes of Captian America Civil War.

Rating – 4/5 Stars

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