Blizzard adds Stan Lee Tribute in World of Warcraft Game

World of Warcraft Stan Lee Tribute

The year 2018 has provided us with many Marvel epics, as the year started with Black Panther, followed by Avengers: Infinity War and ending with Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. But even after this much worth of Marvel stuff, people around the globe consider 2018 as the most heartbreaking year of all, as the legend and the mastermind behind the Marvel superheroes, comics Stan Lee, aged 95 sadly passed away.

Stan Lee in his entire life even at the age of 95 had contributed so many things to this world. He was an industry himself, not only for children only but adults too love him and his death was a huge impact on all the Marvel fans as well as on the media and entertainment industry. And it’s because of this, WOW developers have paid tribute to his long, brilliant legacy.

The developers of the game World of Warcraft have introduced a new NPC named Stanley in WOW strolling round Alliance’s Stormwind Keep, rocking Lee’s famous sunglasses and moustache combo, also they have added a feature in which if you hang around him a little longer, Stanley will shout “Excelsior” which is Stan Lee’s most iconic catchphrase, The Blizzard’s way to say thanks to the guys who is a god-like figure to young developers.

There are more NPC models of Stanley dotted in the games files which haven’t been found yet in the game. As of now, Blizzard is currently working on WoW update 8.1.5, so there might be more NPC Stanley model as a tribute to him.

World of Warcraft Stan Lee Tribute

There is a video game, in which there is a cameo of the late legend where he states that Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson “always were my favourites”.

He is in almost in every Marvel movie, but Lee’s never usually came on screen for longer than ten seconds but whenever he comes on the screen there is always something funny or sweet phrases from him.

Also, the great news is that the Lee had shot another Marvel Appearance for Avengers: Endgame, too. And with Captain Marvel set to release before the fourth Avengers installment, undoubtedly, he is gonna show us some sweet stuff as it’ll be his last appearance on the screen.

Credits: Sachin Singh


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