Blizzard teases a video for upcoming character Hero 30

Overwatch Upcoming hero

Blizzard has released a teaser for the upcoming Overwatch Hero and many are suspecting that this is Hero 30 will join the Overwatch Heroes soon.

The leaked video is showcasing a hack which has bypassed a Talon firewall. The teaser showcases some encrypted numbers and hidden message and it also mentions the “Trung Le Nyugen.”

In another tease by Blizzard, it showcases an interaction between the characters McManaway and T. Nguyen revealing the log by “Captain Cuerva, D.” who facilitated a strike team which is missing now.

The strike team was looking for medic Jean-Baptiste Augustin in Port-de-Paix, Haiti. This letter was the last message from Cuerva to Nyguyen before the strike team engaged in their mission to eliminate or retrieve Jean.
The document itself has thrown many names but players believe video teaser itself explains about the upcoming hero. They are assuming that the upcoming hero is a hacking agent just like Talon operative Sobra.

Blizzard Document

No further details have been revealed about the character yet, and Blizzard is making the players guess about the upcoming character.


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