Boat Rockerz 265 Bluetooth Pedometer wireless Headset launched at Rs 3,490

boat rockerz 265 bluetooth pedometer

Boat launched a new Bluetooth pedometer wireless headset in India. The Boat Rockerz 265 wireless headset has a pedometer built-in. The added feature will be a boon for fitness enthusiasts as it allows you to track how many steps you have taken, total distance traveled and calories burnt.

It is the rise of smart bands and other fitness related devices. Every company is doing its best to push in a fitness tracker to the market. Most people use these trackers to calculate miles run and calories burnt. If their earphones end up doing it for them, it will replace these smart trackers for good.

boat rockerz 265 bluetooth pedometer

Boat Rockerz 265 Bluetooth Pedometer Earphones Specs

The Boat Rockerz 265 bluetooth pedometer headset is a good headphone for the price. It has large 10mm dynamic drivers which allow it to pump out highs, mids and lows with great efficiency. It also has a 32 ohm impedance so you can push through some impressive sounds without fail. The Boat Rockerz 265 wireless headsets are rated for a standard 20Hz-20000Hz frequency response, which is okay, although nothing impressive.

boat rockerz 265 bluetooth pedometer

Geeky specs aside, the Boat Rockerz 265 wireless headset lasts for around 7-8 hours on a single charge, with a standby time of up to 10 days. The earphones support quick-charge (1.5 hours for a full charge). They are IPX4 rated, so they have some level of water resistance, but we would suggest avoiding rain and swimming pools. You can also connect two devices with it at the same time.

Our Take

Talking about the pedometer, we find the innovation quite refreshing. While companies are making dedicated devices to siphon off money from consumers, Boat is trying to do a great job by doing the whole job at almost no extra cost. The earphones come at an MRP of Rs 3490, but you can get them for as much as Rs 1999 at a sale. Most good wireless earphones cost around the same. We will do a detailed review later. For now, we highly recommend the earphones as they provide great features and a good value.