Boat stone 260 Review after Months of Rugged Usage

Boat Stone Review 260 review

Boat stone 260 Review

When it comes to Bluetooth speaker prominent names like JBL, Sony, Bose comes first to the mind but as good as they sound there pricing might not sound pleasant on ears for everyone. So if you are looking for a wireless speaker and are quite low on budget. You might have come across the Boat stone 260. The boat stone 260 speaker is priced around Rs.1200. We have reviewed the Boat stone 260 after 5-6 months of usage and here are our opinions. So let’s find out it is worth Rs 1200. First, let’s start with the specifications of the device. [ Boat stone 260 Review ].

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Boat stone 260 specifications :

  • 4w speaker.
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • 1000mAh battery.
  • IPX5 waterproof and shockproof.
  • Weight: 440 g

What’s Inside the Box :

  • Speaker itself.
  • USB Charging Cable.

Yes, inside the box of the boat stone 260 you get the speaker itself and a USB charging cable but the adaptor isn’t available. So you have to use any of your phones adaptor to charge the speaker.

Design and Build Quality

When it comes to build quality, the boat has just won my heart. Not only with the boat stone 260 but all other product the quality just stands out in the market and that too at a very affordable price.

Talking about the boat stone 260, it is made of a rubberised material on the back which makes it kind of shockproof and also the speaker is rated IPX65 which is nothing but makes the speaker water resistant but you can’t submerge it in the pool.

Boat Stone Review 260 review

Looking at the speaker you will feel is it a boul (a hollow container, especially one used to hold liquid ). Yes, it similar to the shape of a boul. But don’t take me wrong, the design of the speaker is really good. Its compact size makes it portable, so you can carry it easily where ever you go. The speaker is that small that it fits in one hand.

On the front, the bost stone 260 features metal grills that is covered with a cloth ish type material with the different type of music-related designs printed on it as you can see in the pictures that gives it a funky look.

Connectivity :

Pairing and connecting the speaker with your smartphone or laptop is quite simple just have to turn on the speaker and the Bluetooth of your device and pair with boat stone 260 from the list of available devices. The speaker will say ” You are now connected with boat stone 260″ when it get connected to a device.

Bluetooth is the only option to connect the speaker that means the AUX port is absent on this one.

Boat Stone Review 260 review

Sound Quality :

The boat stone 260 is equipped with a single 3W speaker which gets really loud, but it is not the loudest. The speaker has quite loud and clear sound and the bass is also quite heavy if you are using it indoors. But in an open noisy environment, the sound of the speaker might feel low which is digestible considering it’s small size.

One thing I hate about stone 260 loudness it doesn’t get loud even at 60% volume I literally had to crank it up to almost 80 or sometimes 100% otherwise I wasn’t able to hear anything. I am not sure if I got up a bad unit or this is how it was designed to sound. Fortunately, the speaker doesn’t dance around a lot at a hundred per cent volume.

The speaker sounds quite loud and clear have a decent bass too but Comparing it with the similarly priced Logitech X 50, the loudness on the boat stone will feel a little low. On the other, while comparing it with JBL Go which is priced slightly higher, the boat stone loudness comes out to be slightly louder but the difference is minimal.

Boat Stone Review 260 reviewThe sound at full volume didn’t distort when it was new but with time almost after 5-6 months, I noted that the sound gets distorted a little at full volume, but isn’t noticeable unless you just hear to point out the distortion.

The speaker is definitely not made for the outward party but it will not disappoint you when you play it in a closed room. However, with its compact size, it gives you the freedom to carry it wherever you go.

Boat Stone 260 reviewBoat Stone Review 260 review

Battery life :

The boat stone 260 has a 1000 mAh battery. With such a compact speaker we haven’t expected much but the battery backup of this one is pretty good. The company claims 4-5 hours of battery life and in our testing, at 100 per cent volume the speaker gave around 4 hours of continuous usage time which is quite respectable.

Talking about the charging time, the speaker took around 2 hours to fully charge, However, there is no indicator that let you know that the speaker is fully charged or how much is the battery percentage.

To charge the speaker a normal USB port cable is provided inside the box but the adaptor isn’t present, so you have to use any of your adaptors to charge the device. As the speaker is waterproof the Charging USB port is hidden under a rubberised flap.

Check out the Colors and Design available for the Boat Stone 260 :


  • Compact design
  • Clear sound
  • Good Bass
  • Water resistant

Cons :

  • Average Loudness
  • Sound Can’t be heard at lower Volume
  • Minor Distortion at high volume

Final Words : Boat stone 260 Review.

So, the Boat stone 260 is perfect for those who are looking for a compact sized funky speaker with a decent sound and bass. If you travel a lot an love to take away the speaker with you every time, then the boat stone 260 can be your choice. If you are looking to use the speaker at outdoors, then you might also look for other options. The boat stone 260 is priced somewhere around Rs.1200 but it can be grabbed at a lower price if there are some deal going on.

So are you impressed? If you buy the speaker, drop down a comment in the comment section telling what you felt about the sound quality?