Boruto Chapter 26 Spoilers, Release Date, Story Plot


Boruto Manga has started to showcase us some momentous story plot. In the last chapter of Boruto Manga, we observe the first encounter between Kawaki and Boruto. This moment was most awaited among the Boruto fans. In the Boruto Chapter 25, we also see the fight between Kawaki and Garou. Now, let us start Boruto Chapter 26 Spoilers.

Boruto Chapter 26 Spoilers

In the Boruto Chapter 26, we will see more details revealing about Kawaki. He also requires medical attention, as he has been seriously injured after his fight against Garou.

Boruto Chapter 26 Spoilers

Boruto and his teammates are likely to take the injured Kawaki to the Hidden Leaf village for the required medical help. Also, team Boruto will narrate about the Kawaki and related events to Naruto. We can also observe, Sakura coming into the play in Chapter 26, to heal the Kawaki and bring him into a normal state. There is a great possibility, after being healed Kawaki will revealing something important which construct the course for the upcoming events related to Karma seal of Boruto and more information on Kara group can be revealed

Boruto Chapter 26 Spoilers

Boruto Chapter 26 Spoilers

There is a huge prospect of Kawaki and Naruto meeting for the first time, as per the previous theories and facts, Kawaki is the guy who will kill the Seventh Hokage and destroy the Hidden Leaf Village. (Boruto Chapter 26 Spoilers).

Boruto Chapter 26 will be officially released in the month of August, but its scan will start flourishing before that. So, in support of content creators and publishers, we advise you to read the official release.


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