Boruto Chapter 27 Manga Confirmed Summary Updated

Boruto Chapter 27 Manga

In the last chapter of Boruto, we have seen that Kawaki resides at Naruto home, Also, we have seen little scuffle between Naruto and Kawaki. As Naruto told the other Kages, that Kawaki karma seal is somewhat similar to Jinchuriki sealed inside a body, so it is better he should keep watch over Kawaki even he is a danger to a village. In the article below, we have mentioned the Boruto Chapter 27 confirmed Summary

Boruto Chapter 27 Manga Confirmed Summary

  • Boruto and Kawaki are peeing together outside.

  • Boruto and Kawaki have a short fight (with Karma activated briefly)

  • Uzumaki family meal

Boruto Chapter 27 Manga

  • Jigen totes has a Karma seal activation mode

  • Kawaki flashback to the pickling jars/IV bag room we saw previously.

  • Naruto has to Kage-Bunshin as he’s sitting on the toilet.

  • But shit does get real for the flashback. Don’t worry.

  • Jigen’s activation has seals running down both eyes

  • Kawaki was naked in the IV bag suspension thingy when he witnesses Jigen straight up kill off another one of his kids by spreading the seal onto their body from his right hand. Jigen kicks and breaks the corresponding pot. Amado looks on. (A bit cruel, isn’t it? )

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Once the complete chapter will be released we will have a separate post for its discussion