Boruto Chapter 29 Manga Spoilers, Plot, Release Date


In the article below, we will discuss the possible Boruto Chapter 29 Manga Spoilers, but before proceeding to that let gather the events of the previous chapter. In the Boruto Chapter 28, we have seen Kawaki and Naruto visiting the flower shop. Naruto asks Kawaki to select and buy a vase. When Kawaki selects a vase and looks into it, he saws flashbacks and lost his consciousness resulting in dropping off the vase. Also, when Naruto, Sarada, Kawaki was walking on the street towards the Naruto home, a little kid bumps into Kawaki, which makes him angry he tries to use his power. Naruto handles the situation protected the child by not allowing Kawaki to use his strength and power. Sarada says to Kawaki, this is not a right way to be in the social circle. Kawaki answers that you can blame that for my wrong upbringing. Also at the end of the chapter, we have seen the much-awaited arrival of real villains into the village. We finally saw Kashin Koji and Delta standing at the edge of Konohagakure village

Kashin Koji tells Delta that only we will be able to bypass protection and enter the Konohagakure village. The reason behind it is Hidden Leaf village is guarded by Yamanaka Clan which has the ability to sense any chakra entering the leaf village.

Boruto Chapter 29 Manga Spoilers

So if any unregistered or unknown chakra will try to enter the leaf village, it will alert the Yamanaka clan guards and members. Kashin Koji tells Delta to stay back, while he makes the entry in the Hidden Leaf Village

Boruto Chapter 29 Manga Spoilers 

Following the spoilers of Boruto Chapter 29, we will see an encounter between Kashin Koji and Naruto, while he tries to retrieve back Kawaki

Also, a lot more information about Kashin Koji will be revealed in the upcoming chapter. As Kashin Koji can easily enter the Hidden Leaf Village, there is a possibility he is a former member of Hidden Leaf Village, as his chakra could not be sensed by the Yamanaka Clan

Boruto Chapter 29 Manga Spoilers-2

It will also be interesting to see the reaction of Kawaki once he sees the Kashin Koji. Will Boruto also come into play into Kashin Koji and Naruto fight, it would be really interesting to see if this thing happen

Boruto Chapter 29 Manga Release Date

Boruto Chapter 29 Manga will be released on 19th November 2018