Boruto Episode 66 Spoilers, Preview , Discussion


Boruto Episode 65 has laid down the foundation for Boruto story to start. After an intensive and perilous fight with Momoshiki and Kinshiki, the anime main protagonist has found his ninja way. Being the disciple of Sasuke and the way he admires Sasuke, Boruto wants to be like him as an adult. At the end of Boruto Episode 65, we observe that Momoshiki tells Boruto that he has killed a god and it is not a small deal. His blue eyes will take away everything from him. Observing the preview of the next episode, we will present the Boruto Episode 66 spoilers.

The anime followers who think that Boruto story will start straight away as seen in the movie, have to be a little patient for it.

Boruto Episode 66 Spoilers

In the preview of Episode 66, we can observe there is restored peace in the Leaf village. So after a series of battling episodes, the next episode will be a calm and peaceful episode. In the preview of the next episode, we can see Shikamaru, Sasuke and Naruto present in the Hokage room and having a discussion on the extraordinary events that have taken place in the last few days. (Boruto Episode 66 Spoilers).

From the Boruto perspective, he is much more grown character now and has the true essence of Shinobi in him. Now he believes in hard work rather than relying on scientific kote. He now respects his father and is more determined to be a great ninja and uphold the name of his clan. In the next episode, we have also seen the interaction between Sasuke and Boruto. It seems like Boruto will showcase his seal symbol to Sasuke and maybe we can see some comment from Sasuke on it. (Boruto Episode 66 Spoilers)

As shown in the manga, only Sasuke has understood the interaction between Momoshiki and Boruto when the time stalled during the death of Momoshiki.

What happened to Urashiki (Boruto Episode 66 Spoilers)

The leaf village seems in peaceful order, but in the earlier previews, we were shown Urashiki is planning to disrupt the Konoha village as the lead characters are busy fighting with the Momoshiki and Kinishiki in other time-space. His motives are ain’t clear as he was shown moving along with his own agenda when he freezes Toneri.
It will be interesting to see the start of Boruto story in the next episode and other events that will take place related to Otsutsuki. In the upcoming episodes, we will also see the strong build of Kara Clan. (Boruto Episode 66 Spoilers).

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