Boruto Episode 73 Spoilers, The Other Side of the Moon


In the last episode of Boruto, we have seen that Mitsuki has gone missing from the Hidden Leaf village and he has given the indication with his snake to Boruto that he has left the place on his own will. On another hand, in response to the attack on the shinobi’s on the Hidden Leaf Village Gate, Naruto called a meeting of all the Jonin to discuss and investigate this matter further. While secretly hearing the Jonin conversation, Boruto and Sarada find that Mitsuki is Orochimaru son and all the other members in the room were surprised Naruto hid this information for everyone. Every jonin in the room thinks, even the Mitsuki is a just teenage son of Orochimaru but it still poses a great danger to the village. Lady Tsunade also agreed, Mitsuki is a danger for the village. One the other hand Boruto and Sarada did not agree with this viewpoint and want to believe in their friend.

Boruto Episode 73 Spoilers

In the Boruto Episode 73, we will see that Boruto and Sarada try to visit Orochimaru. In the preview of Episode 73, we can also observe there will be a lot of flashbacks about Orochimaru and Mitsuki

As we can see the Mitsuki in the tube as a baby which also confirms that he is an artificial human

Boruto Episode 73 Spoilers

From the look on the Orochimaru face from the preview, it can be judged that Orochimaru is not aware of this matter. Also, in his conversation with Yamato, he does not show the sign for any evilness

Now, the question here arises, when Orochimaru came to know, Mitsuki has left at his own will, How Orochimaru will react and how he will be able to help out in this matter

Boruto Episode 73 Spoilers

In the preview of the Boruto Episode 73, we can see Mitsuki is chased by a shinobi but we think Mitsuki is smart enough to trick him and flee away from his eye zone.

Boruto Episode 73 Spoilers

But in the last episode, we have found Mituski has removed his headband but surprisingly we can see the headband on the Mitsuki head in the preview, is it again an animation error or it is just connected to the attackers who might have used transformation jutsu in form of Mitsuki body.

Boruto Episode 73 Release Date

The Boruto Episode 73 is scheduled to be released on 13th September 2018