Boruto Episode 79 Spoilers, Release Date, Preview Watch Online


In the last episode of Boruto, we have seen that Boruto and team manage to get the reverse scale from the Garaga. Also, now Garaga agrees to become the summoning snake for Boruto. After interpreting the message with the help of Hakuja Sennin, Boruto and team march forward to pursue Kokuyo and Sekiei towards the Land of the Earth. At the end of the episode, we observe that the Boruto and team encounter the Kokuyo. In the article below, we have discussed the possible Boruto Episode 79 Spoilers

Boruto Episode 79 Spoilers

The Boruto Episode 79 has been named as Reunion with Mitsuki. In the upcoming episode, we will see some interesting order of events taking place. Boruto and Team will encounter a strong enemy Kokuyou and the Akuta. The power of Kokuyou can be calculated by this means, as he easily thrashed away all the Konoha jonin

As the article has been named as Reunion with Mitsuki, so our team will be able to defeat the Kokuyou with a planned strategy or Boruto can also summon Garaga.

Boruto Episode 79 Spoilers

Also, we might see more glimpses of Lord Ku and the real motives of him. Although one motive has been explained in the previous episode, that Mitsuki can help Kokuyou and more like him to survive for a longer period of time, and why not Mitsuki must have something special in his body as he does not require food to survive. Similarly, Kokuyou and others are created by Lord Ku, but has a limited amount of lifespan like Akuta

Boruto Episode 79 Spoilers

Boruto Episode 79 Spoilers

On the other hand, Cho-Cho and Inojin left for Hidden village, to convey the message of Mitsuki innocence to the Hokage and others

Boruto Episode 79 Release Date & Watch Online

Boruto Episode 79 will be aired on 28th October 2018 and it can be watched online from Funimation  premium account


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