Bose Home Speaker 500 with a small Display and Alexa Support launched


Bose Home Speaker 500 with a small display and Alexa Support launched

When it comes to Audio quality the Bose headphones and speaker sounds great but they might not sound pleasant on your pocket. However, 2018 is the year of smart speakers with built-in virtual assistants. So to compete in the industry the bose has Launched a New smart speaker dubbed Bose Home Speaker 500.

The Bose Home Speaker 500 comes with a small display that will show the album related art which is being played and the speaker is powered by the Virtual Assistant Alexa. The company touts that with the Alexa you have millions of songs and albums at the tip of your tongue and the support for Airplay 2 and another powerful virtual assistant the Google Assistant will eventually be rolling out, but it is not available at the launch.

The Home Speaker 500 is chased inside an aluminium body which under the hood houses two custom drivers pointed in opposite direction to provide a stereo effect by reflecting the sounds against walls.

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The speaker is not only control by the voice assistant but also houses different buttons to perform the action like play, pause etc. The speaker has built in wifi and Bluetooth to connect seamlessly with all your device whether it be a tablet or a smartphone.

To pick up the voice it makes really hard for the speakers when they are loud, but with the Bose Home 500, it might not be the case, as it houses eight microphone array to easily hear you when the sound is loud.

Talking about the Bose Home Speaker 500 price, all this great package is bundled at $ 400 and it will be available in October.

source: Bose

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