Boston Dynamics new cute robot dog SpotMini in Yellow Shell


Boston Dynamics Company known for high perfection motion robots has showcased a new version of its SpotMini. This version of robot dog is quite cuter than its previous big brother Spot. This model has received revamped design with its legs encased in shell of yellow color.


The robot dog has four legs and contains series of sensors along with 3D vision system, depth cameras, IMU, location and force sensors in the limbs.

These sensors enable the robot with navigating through the area properly.

In this video of SpotMini, it is moving around the garden and ducking down, to peep into the camera and running to the other end, with a teasing message Stay Tuned, more coming soon.

Japanese telecom and tech giant Softbank purchased the Boston Dynamics in June this year.

Previously, the SpotMini has robotic arm mounted in front to gather and hold object which presented in earlier video from Boston Dynamics, this robot dog helping out in doing dishes.

Earlier version of SpotMini

Earlier Version of SpotMini :


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