Brand New Compact SMG Gun Is Coming To Fortnite

New SMG In Fortnite

According to an in-game live update, you’ll play with a brand new gun in Fortnite Batte Royal very soon. After replacing of Tact SMG with new SMG gun in Fortnite last week,  brand new Compact SMG is making its way very soon.

New SMG In Fortnite

Compact SMG In Fortnite

Currently, no official release date is available about its availability in the game but it will likely release with Fortnite Update 5.1. You can read its description as:

‘Epic and Legendary rarity SMG that excels at close quarters combat’

From the description, it is clear that it acts as an alternative to Shotgun for close quarters combat instead of long-range kills.

Recently, Epic Games stated that they want to lessen the player’s reliance on shotguns for close combat in the game.With the coming of Compact SMG in Fortnite, their intentions are pretty clear. Now, you can completely rely upon new monster SMG if you don’t get Shotgun for close combat battle in the game.

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