Breaking Bad Movie Spoilers-Bryan Cranston Returns

Bryan Cranston Returns Photo

Breaking Bad Movie is up to come and hit the theatres. Bryan Cranston returns in the movie, said Bryan Cranston himself. The following post contains Breaking Bad Movie Spoilers. Read it at your own risk.

Breaking Bad Movie Spoilers

Vince Gilligan is working on the Breaking Bad movie. Questions are there in the fandom that what will the movie be about? Breaking Bad Movie Spoilers suggests that the film will center around Jesse Pinkman. It will follow the events of the Season 5 finale Episode. Aaron Paul(Jesse Pinkman) was left alone at the end. Bryan Cranston supported the movie and talks about Bryan Cranston returns. He said it will happen if Vince Gilligan wants him to.

Bryan Cranston was asked about the movie on the Dan Patrick Show. He was also asked about his excitement for this project. He also won many Emmy Awards for his role as Walter White in the TV Show.

Bryan Cranston Returns

Breaking Bad Movie Bryan Cranston Returns Photo

“Yes, there appears to be a movie version of Breaking Bad. But I honestly have not even read the script. So I couldn’t tell you… If Vince Gilligan asked me to do it, sure. He’s a genius.”, said Cranston, when asked about Bryan Cranston returns in Breaking Bad movie.

In the season 5 finale, Jesse Pinkman was seen escaping the meth lab in a stolen car. He was forced to work in the lab by the Neo-Nazis. Walter White, who put him there, freed him by giving his life away. Mr. White died there by getting injured and bleeding out. Hence, the story of Jesse was left there only without any explanation of what he will do next. So Breaking Bad Movie Spoilers speculate that the movie will revolve around him.

As of now, it is not known that how will Cranston as Walter will appear in the movie. It will probably be in a flashback or dream sequence but the exact is unknown yet. Apart from this, it is good to see Bryan Cranston excited for the movie and to work with Vince Gilligan.



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