Breathe Episode 8 Review – Finale Will Leave You Shell Shocked!!

‘Breathe’ series on Amazon Prime Video was launched around a month back on 26th January. And from that moment on each episode has thrilled and left us gasping for breath. The episode 7 in the series left us anxious and undoubtedly gave sleepless nights. Everyone had questions circling in his or her mind “How will Danny give Josh a healthy life? Will Kabir be able to save his wife, Ria?” And the moment has arrived when all of our questions will be answered. The 8th episode in the series marked the end of season 1, and we will just say ‘Get Ready to Expect the Unexpected.’

The episode seven left the path almost clear for Danny, as Inspector Kabir leaves the city after capturing Rao for the murder of Nair. Danny is now just one step away to save his son’s life and make his boldest move of killing Ria.


The opening sequence of the finale is bone-chilling, and the way it has been picturized will give nightmares. As the episode progresses, Danny makes sure that everything is back to normal and police have left him alone. Each scene shows how calculative his steps are, however, inside of you feel that something is about to go wrong. This anticipation of yours comes true when Danny’s mother finds about the evil his son has become in the process of saving Josh. At that moment again questions start swirling in little head of yours “Will he even kill his mother?” So, without giving any spoilers, we leave you to find out does Danny’s character goes to complete dark side.

No matter how many murders Danny has committed, still Josh is able to bring the softer side of him. The scene where he and Josh are sitting on the beach and their conversation regarding future will surely bring a small tear to your eye. The episode not only focuses on progressing the story with just drama but also packs a right amount of twist and turns that will numb you.


R. Madhavan again gives a performance that only shows the perfect blend of raw talent and hard work this fantastic actor puts in. The Scenes where you see his character’s sudden shift to the dark and gruesome mode, you know get to feel that he can go to any limit to save his son. Amit Sadh has finally etched his name in bold letters on the smaller screen after giving an enigmatic performance of disturbed and intelligent cop. Sapna Pabbi adds light to this dark and thrilling series with her acting as well as beauty.

Mayank Sharma with debut series has proven his mettle, he is someone who knows how to keep audiences on the edge of their seats. He has captured each scene with complete perfection, and his direction has only complemented the effort each actor has given. This series has given us not only a good director but also an amazing music director, Alokanada Dasgupta who has created pure magic with each of her tunes. She has been able to add tension to the scenes and that build up, you can experience when Danny comes across her mother after she finds the truth.

The ending of season one is somewhat shell-shocking, and we are sure you will never anticipate this. There would be viewers who will not be satisfied by the finale, but on the whole, series has given Indian television a new start.


Overall, the episode will give shocks when you are expecting them the least and has an ending you might not have thought. And, yes there are flaws in the series and it’s not all perfect. Few characters in the whole story serve no purpose but who knows they might play a role in the second season if we get it. The best thing about this thriller is that till the end it doesn’t have any loose ends and that makes it a must watch.

Rating – 4/5 Stars

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