After the previous leaks and following leaks on Reddit, Criterion Games, studio of  EA games has finally announced the Burnout Paradise Remastered version of the PlayStation4 and Xbox One. It will launch on 16th March on the consoles for $39.99.


Burnout Paradise Remastered will include all eight DLC packs that were released when the original game came out. It will also include a new expansion Big Surf Island.

Credits:  Criterion Games/Electronic Arts.

The game will support a 4K resolution on the PlayStation Pro and Xbox One X. With high texture resolution and 60 fps on the console game is ready to create havoc once again by its high-end open world racing. EA said that it will run natively in 1080p on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Its a big surprise for the fans !!

EA said that they will launch the remaster later on the PC through the Origin exclusively. EA Access subscribers will able to play first 10 hours of the game one week earlier, on March 9.


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