Cameron Monaghan reveals a new image of Gotham’s Joker


It seems like Cameron Monaghan can’t hold his excitement and love for his final look as a Joker for Gotham upcoming episode. Gotham’s last two episodes are coming up this month and we have already been shown earlier how Joker will look in the final episodes of the series.

Now Cameron Monaghan showed us behind the scenes look of his character on his official Instagram account.


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Boo. #Gotham Two weeks.

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Recalling back, we last saw him in a fight scene with Bruce Wayne where he fell into a tub full of actinic at Ace Chemicals. Afterwards, he was seen at a hospital lying on a bed with bandages over his face.

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In the final episode, the series will take us 10 years ahead and we will be shown Jeremiah’s new look with classic shades of purple and green on his clothes.

Gotham is returning back on April 25th with an episode titled, “They Did What?”.

It seems like Joker is getting more screen time this year, as the Joker Origin movie is also in line for its release in October where we will see how comedian Aurther Fleck turns into a most iconic DC villains.



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