Captain Marvel Jude Law may be playing Yon Rogg(Not Mar-Vell)

Jude Law Mar-Vell or Yon-Rogg Photo

As far as Captain Marvel Jude Law’s character is concerned, it is believed that he is playing the role of Mar-Vell, the first Captain Marvel, in the movie. But theories are arising that could he be Yon Rogg, the Mar-Vell’s greatest rival?

Last year, the talks about the Jude Law’s character was he is going play the role of the male lead, Mar-Vell or Doctor Walter Lawson in Captain Marvel, as Danver’s mentor. In the comics, Carol takes over his post of Captain Marvel in his honour.

However, it’s not yet confirmed about the character Jude Law’s going to play, but apart from Mar-Vell, the next candidate can only be Yon-Rogg, who was also a Kree warrior turned villain. Below, we are going to look at all the available pieces of evidence of him playing Yon Rogg and how can it change the plot of Captain Marvel like the happening of Kree-Skrull War.

Jude Law: May Not be Mar-Vell

Captain Marvel Jude Law Photo

There were reports that Law was starring as Mar-Vell but it’s not confirmed till date. After the casting of him in the movie, Law avoids the direct answer to the question about his role. He said, “Yes, it’s been reported I’m playing Mar-Vell, I’m not going to confirm or deny that.” After this, he abruptly changed the topic which seemed odd. But, with the leaks and image reveal, it’s clear that Marvel wants to keep his role secret till it’s time.

EW’s cover story carefully avoid stating the name of Jude Law’s character. The only thing that is confirmed is that when the film begins, Carol Danvers is already in space to join an elite Kree military team Starforce, led by Jude Law’s enigmatic commander.  In the follow-up interview with Law, EW noticed that the filmmakers declined to reveal the character’s name. Apart from all this, Law’s character is said to be like Ronan, the Accuser who is a warrior and has a deep belief in the leadership of the Kree people.

This secretive nature of Marvel is majorly the reason that Law can be playing Yon Rogg as If it had been Mar-Vell, then there’s no need to be this secretive as the talks about it are prevalent since November last year. Moreover, the description doesn’t seem like Mar-Vell as he betrayed his race to protect humanity.

Jude Law: Maybe Yon Rogg

Ronan The Accuser

So, if Mar-Vell isn’t the leader of the Starforce, then who is? It is none other than the villain Yon-Rogg, created by Stan Lee and Gene Colan in 1967. He was Mar-Vells’, commander of the Kree expedition that brought the aliens to Earth, greatest foe. Moreover, he envies Mar-Vell passionately due to his relationship with medic Una in the Kree race.

Yon Rogg wants to overthrow the Supreme Intelligence, the leader of the Kree race, with Ronan, the Accuser as both wanted to take control of the Kree and lead them to the ancient warlike ways. But the main hindrance in their planned conspiracy was Mar-Vell, so they planned to get him killed. This dispute between the two led to Una’s death, which further led the death of Yon Rogg by the explosion of a device called Psyche-Magnetron. Due to the explosion, Carol was irradiated with Kree energy which gave her the superhuman powers.

This is more like an evidence to the theory of Jude Law playing the role of Yon Rogg, since every other member except Carol is a future villain, like Ronan and Korath. This suggests that their leader will also be one of the villains, ie., Yon Rogg, who is close to Ronan. Ronan and Yon Rogg’s mentality about the ancient warlike ways of Kree is quite similar which leads to the conclusion of Jude Law’s role. Apparently, they both unite due to their common belief and may even be planning to take over the Kree leadership.

Von-Rogg relation with the Captain Marvel’s Plot

Carol Danvers

It is confirmed by Marvel that Captain Marvel is inspired by the Kree-Skrull War in the comics. The Kree-Skrull war arc is considered the best arc by the critics, which is written by Roy Thomas. The Kree-Skrull war is the war between two warrior alien races namely Skrulls and Kree. Roy Thomas acknowledged that the Kree-Skrull War is inspired by the Second World War. The Kree-Skrull war was alike WWII in the way that the conflict was threatened to spill over onto the Earth like the Pacific Island during WWII. Thomas portrayed both of them as equally monstrous races.

If this theory is correct, then it will be the same in Captain Marvel. Thee Starforce is nothing but an evil villain. Carol is just like a sheep among wolves- who unwittingly allied with an alien military unit who can’t be trusted. Acknowledging the themes of treachery and betrayal, and Kree being involved in the dispute with a shapeshifter race, called Skrulls,  Danvers returned to Earth and became friend with S.H.I.E.L.D. desk jockey Nick Fury and Phil Coulson. This can be the possible plot of the movie if the Kree-Skrull war is going to be in the movie

Ben Mendelsohn has been confirmed to play Talos, leader of the Skrulls who has launched an invasion of Earth. In the comics, Ronan and Talos have actually teamed up many times. It’s possible that the entire conspiracy on Earth is just an attempt to reignite the Kree-Skrull war.

What about Mar-Vell?

Mar-Vell Photo

EW’s cover story reveals that Captain Marvel isn’t an origin story at all. The movie begins with Carol Danvers already in the space as a part of Kree Starforce, and already a powerful warrior. Since that’s the case, maybe Marvel doesn’t need to introduce Mar-Vell. EW’s synopsis says that Carol returns to Earth and learn about her past, the secrets about how she got her powers. That may be the time when she gets to know about the fate of Mar-Vell.

In 2016, Nicole Perman, the co-writer of Captain Marvel, showed his concerns about the parallels between the origin of Green Lantern and Captain Marvel. Maybe Carol gained his powers as Mar-Vel died in her presence or perhaps she inherited his Nega-bands. This scene is just like Hal Jordan gaining his power ring. But here, since it has already happened, maybe Carol investigates it and learns that Mar-Vell is already targeted by Yon Rogg and Ronan. This is how Marvel dodges the parallels.

We can’t say for certain that Marvel will indeed take this approach. It’s equally possible that Mar-Vell could be alluded to, but saved as a character for a later date. Whatever the truth about Mar-Vell, though, it’s looking less and less likely that he’ll be played by Jude Law.