Captain Marvel-Major Reveals

Captain Marvel Suit New Images Story

Captain Marvel leaks have hit the internet which has made the fans go crazy and impatient about the movie. All the significant leaks covered by EW are listed in the below article. Before the drop of the Avengers 4, the fans are eagerly waiting for the movie as this is the first Marvel superhero movie, starring Brie Larson as Carol Danvers, with a female as the lead superhero. This will help them familiarise with the most powerful hero in the whole MCU who will return to Earth to help the Avengers take down the Mad Titan.

In the beginning, the Marvel was focused on their 2018 batch, but now with Captain Marvel’s Trailer around the corner, fans are getting impatient to know any small detail about the movie. The EW comes to the rescue with the reveals, out of which the most interesting ones are covered below!

Captain Marvel’s Costume

Captain Marvel Suit Photo

One of the most questioned things is about the protagonist’s costume. For the fans, in the beginning, it was very confusing if the suit was green or the traditional red and blue one due to the set images that were leaked earlier.

But with the recent EW cover release, it is confirmed that she will be shown in her traditional red and blue costume. The green uniform will be displayed when Carol fights alongside the Kree Fighters(Starforce). Though it is yet to be confirmed hat what circumstances lead to the change in the costume in the movie, it should be a significant plot point for the film.

Captain Marvel – Not an Origin Story

Carol Danvers

Most of the movies by MCU related to the introduction of a superhero have been an introduction or origin story. For example, the new entries like Ant-Man or Doctor Strange and old ones like Iron Man have been an origin story. But, since it has been a long time introducing the characters in the same old way, the MCU is going out of the box and is giving for an introduction movie which is not going to be the origin of the character.

Captain Marvel begins with Carol Danvers, already, as a member of the Starforce who fights alongside different alien races to keep the universe safe. However, there will be some glimpses or references to her origin to give the fans an idea just like they did in Captain America: Civil War for Black Panther. Since it worked at that time, hence they will do just fine this time too.

Ben Mendelsohn’s Role

Talos Photo

As in the picture above, Talos is the commander of the Skrulls, played by Ben Mendelsohn. Apart from him, three others have been shown walking onto a beach somewhere(probably Earth). I will be interesting to see what the Skrulls are going to do as the Kree-Skrull war matters massively in Captain Marvel.

It is confusing for some fans who don’t know the Marvel film right as it is rumoured that Skrulls will be shown in the X-Men: Dark Phoenix. But according to James Gunn, Skrulls are owned by both Marvel and Fox, just like the Quicksilver character. It will be interesting if the Marvel plans to use the Skrulls in future movies, as fan theories and rumours talk about many characters being Skrulls taken their shape.

Young Nick Fury

Nick Fury Picture

The old and fearless Nick Fury will be shown in the movie as just a Desk Jockey for S.H.I.E.L.D., unfamiliar with the costumed superheroes. In the film, we will see Fury as a younger man with both eyes. It will be fun watching Samuel L. Jackson to enact the younger version of the character.

Marvel went ahead with the idea of digitally de-ageing the 69-year old Jackson to resemble the 1990s-era version of himself. It is a big step by Marvel to take the support of CGI to de-age a character and that too for not a less amount of time. From the revealed image he looks brilliant in the de-aged form but his screen time is not yet confirmed. Hopefully, the visual effects artists are up for the challenge.

Jude Law – The Mysterious Leader

Jude Law with Brie Larson

The Starforce is led by Jude Law’s mysterious character which is not yet announced or covered in the EW. The guesses include him being Mar-Vell, but it is yet to be confirmed. Probably, Marvel is going to let the fans guess about the character till it is time. However, some details were revealed about the character.

From the pictures and the talks, Law will be having some mentor-mentee relationship with Danvers, helping her to improve her control over the powers. A little training will go a long way as she’s the MCU’s strongest hero and with great power comes great responsibility.

Return of Korath to the MCU

Starforce Picture

In Captain Marvel, many familiar faces are going to pop up like Korath, who hasn’t been seen after the 2014’s Guardian’s of Galaxy. It was played by Djimon Hounsou, who is remembered by the viewers by his most iconic line of “Who?” when Peter Quill introduces himself as Star-Lord.

The exciting part of his character in the movie is that he’s aligned with heroes as a part of the Starforce. In the GOTG, he was an ally to the villainous Ronan, who is also in the movie(as the right hand of Jude Law). In the film, Ronan is not the radical extremist who fell to the Guardians. Hopefully, Lee Pace will be able to explore the character deeper and present someone a little deeper than the generic villain that he played earlier.

Lashana Lynch’s Character

Lashana Lynch Photo

Carol protected the people of America by flying in the U.s. Air Force before she became a superhero. She served alongside her friend, Maria Rambeau, played by Lashana Lynch in the movie. In the comics, Maria is the mother of Monica Rambeau. Maria’s call sign, “Photon,” is a direct reference to one of Monica’s superhero identities in the source material.

Since Marvel is good at doing things which have effects or consequences in future, it’ll be interesting to see if it will be just a fun nod to comic readers or more than that. Phase 4 is likely to be introducing the next layer of the superheroes who have been recently introduced, but there’s always room for more. They might have something in mind as they rarely do things by accident.