CineEurope ‘Captain Marvel’ Trailer Description Revealed

Facts about Captain Marvel

The new superhero entrant to Marvel Cinematic universe is already making fans go crazy about her by giving little sneak peaks here and there. The anticipation regarding Captain Marvel is high because her story will have the massive impact on the Avengers 4. That’s why even a single detail about her plot can reveal something very crucial about the mega-crossover event. In past few days, we have come to know that Captain Marvel will see Carol Danvers taking the mettle of Captain Marvel from her trainer and love Mar-Vell who is a Kree soldier. Still, not much has been revealed about the movie. So, when the news broke out of Captain Marvel trailer being shown at CineEurope, the fans went berzerk completely.

Captain Marvel Trailer

Hence, fans across the globe started looking for the glimpse of the Captain Marvel trailer that has been released at the CineEurope. However soon it was made clear that no trailer or teaser was revealed during the presentation by Disney. The footage shows the various behind the scenes which are meant to familiarise the audience with new characters arriving in Captain Marvel.

The Captain Marvel trailer also gave information about the Carol Denver’s past, as per the MCU cosmic. The footage highlights that Captain Marvel will be the new leader of MCU and she is all set to take charge. The footage confirmed it by saying “Captain Marvel is about to take the lead in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe.” Apart from this video gives a brief about her powers and how powerful she is. We agree that not many details are provided about the upcoming movie as all of this is already known to us.

Captain Marvel Trailer

Captain Marvel will be set 1990s and will get to see Nick Fury in his young years. The movie also stars Jude Law who will be portraying the role of Mar-Vell, a Kree soldier who becomes the mentor and lover of Carol Danvers. The green suit worn by Brie Larson in the set photos is because of the presence of Mar-Vell as explained earlier. The date for Captain Marvel trailer launch has not been revealed at this moment; however, we will be keeping an eye out and will update you if any new information comes out.

What are your expectations for the Captain Marvel Trailer? Are you eagerly waiting to catch the first glimpse of the Captain Marvel Trailer? Do let us know in the comments below.