Captain Tsubasa 2018 Episode 10 Spoiler and Predictions


Captain Tsubasa is going strong on way to his dream to play in Brazil but in order to accomplish that he needs to win the National Championships. In the last episode of Captain Tsubasa, we have seen the duo of Taro Misaki and Tsubasa in perfect combination and manages to score a goal against Wakabayashi in overtime. This match between Shutetsu and Nankatsu has resulted beneficially for both the sides. Both of the team learned to play equally as team rather than going for individual motives. We noticed in the overtime Wakabayashi drops down his grudge against the challenge he lost to Tsubasa and motivated his team to stand tough against the opponents. The match between Shutetsu and Nankatsu ends with a draw. At the end of episode 9, we saw that Ishizaki tells the team, this year Nankatsu City has decided to take the best players from different schools to form Nankatsu Club. So the Nankatsu City will hold try out to form the club and the selected players will play for nationals. In the tryouts, from Shutetsu, Wakabayashi and Quartet Shutetsu get selected and from Nankatsu School Tsubasa, Misaki and Ishizaki are elected. Now what we can expect the story to go ahead from here? Let us check out below Captain Tsubasa 2018 Episode 10 Spoilers

Wakabayashi Ankle Injury – Captain Tsubasa 2018 Episode 10

Captain Tsubasa 2018 Episode 10

In a practice match, Wakabayashi, as usual, was protecting the goal with all the strength, but it turned out to be a disaster for him. One of the opposite team players step hard on his ankle, in a tussle to score a goal and this incident sprained Wakabayashi ankle very badly. But as we all know, he is strong-willed and determined so he keeps the play on without disclosing this injury to anyone.

Entry into Core Selection- Captain Tsubasa 2018 Episode 10

We are aware of this fact that Nankatsu city has held tryouts to select the best players from different schools across the Nankatsu city. Out of the 30 players selected, only 15 players will get a chance to be in the core team. Ishizaki who has got into the 30 players list, needs to work really hard to get himself placed in the best of 15 for Nankatsu. In the next episode, Ishizaki will be practising along with the Nankatsu school players including Tsubasa and Misaki

Captain Tsubasa 2018 Episode 10

Entry of Hyuga – Captain Tsubasa 2018 Episode 10

Captain Tsubasa 2018 Episode 10

Hyuga Kojiro is likely to make the entry in the next episode of Captain Tsubasa 2018, he is the captain of Meiwa FC and one of the strongest players in the city. His soccer style is fierce and he thrashes his opponents by force.
He will intervene in the training camp of Nankatsu and will challenge Wakabayashi. Misaki who has already played along with him, stop Tsubasa to display his skills to Hyuga. If Tsubasa will display his skills now, Hyuga and his team can prepare accordingly