Captain Tsubasa 2018 Episode 25 Spoilers, Release Date

Captain Tsubasa 2018 Episode 27 Spoilers

Hello guys!! I hope you are doing well. Today’s post is all about Captain Tsubasa 2018 Episode 25 Spoilers. So, if you don’t like spoilers, you should not read this post. Let’s get started.

Captain Tsubasa 2018 Episode 25 Spoilers

Before going to the spoilers, let’s have a look what happened in the last episode.

Captain Tsubasa 2018 Episode 25 Spoilers

In the last episode of Captain Tsubasa, we have seen that Misaki and Tsubasa manage to score the goal against Meiwa FC. But it was not easy to make it happen, as it required dual power shoot from both the Nankatsu ace strikers, Tsubasa and Misaki.

Captain Tsubasa 2018 Episode 25 Spoilers

After that one goal, Meiwa FC goalkeeper kept the goal pretty tight and did not let Tsubasa and Misaki to score any further goal. Meiwa changed its attack style in the second half of the game, by doing sliding tackles which injured the foot of both Misaki and Tsubasa. On the other hand, Wakabayashi leg pain popped up, and he could not stop the powerful attack from Hyuga, and Meiwa FC levelled the goal 1-1.

Now Meiwa FC players are determined to win the match and Tsubasa, Misaki and Wakabayashi are all injured, although Misaki is back to the field.

Captain Tsubasa 2018 Episode 25 Spoilers

Captain Tsubasa 2018 Episode 25 Spoilers

In episode 25 of Captain Tsubasa, we will see that Urabe taking the lead and starting to do sliding tackles in the Nankatsu style. On the other hand, Misaki tries to win the ball against Sawada and pass it to Tsubasa as planned along between them.

Misaki manages to fetch the ball and pass it to Tsubasa, but the question here arises, Can Tsubasa score another goal for his team or can Meiwa FC striker Hyuga will be able to score against the injured Wakabayashi.

Captain Tsubasa Episode 25 Release Date

Captain Tsubasa 2018 Episode 25 is scheduled to be released on 18th September 2018


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