Captain Tsubasa 2018 Episode 26 Spoilers, Release Date, Story Plot

Captain Tsubasa 2018 Episode 26 Spoilers

Football world cup might be over, but nothing in the world is better than the battle between Tsubasa and Hyuga. In the last episode of Captain Tsubasa, we have seen that Nankatsu manages to level the score against Meiwa FC and now the match has moved to the extra time. We have also observed that all the players from Meiwa FC and Nankatsu putting their everything into the game. In the article below, we will discuss the possible Captain Tsubasa 2018 Episode 26 Spoilers

Captain Tsubasa 2018 Episode 26 Spoilers

As we know the finale between Nankatsu and Meiwa FC has gone into the extra time and the players of both the sides are just not ready to give up until their last breath. In the first half of extra time, we will observe that Sawada makes valuable passes to Hyuga but unfortunately Hyuga could not score any goal as Wakabayashi is stopping the ball even with the injured foot.

On the other hand, Tsubasa and Misaki also try to score the goal but did not get any success against the Wakashimazu. But while protecting the ball, again and again, Wakabayashi leg injury gets worse but it is controlled by taping the leg. On the other hand, Misaki was also deeply injured, many times he could not even hold the ball

Captain Tsubasa 2018 Episode 26

Even after the first extra time, both the sides could not score any goal and the scoreline was still level at 2-2. The match went into another extra time, where Wakabayashi lays a strategy for Nankatsu and tells the team to give Misaki and Tsubasa rest in the first half and attack in the second half. While in the first half Nankatsu will defend the goal. Hyuga tries out various shoot towards the goal but could not score the goal. Coming in the second half Tsubasa places a third goal and takin the team to lead of 3-2. But still, 2 minutes in the match are remaining ?? Can Meiwa make a comeback or its win for Nankatsu?

Captain Tsubasa 2018 Episode 26 Release Date

Captain Tsubasa Episode 26 will be aired on 25th September 2018