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CES 2019 Updates

One of the biggest tech events of the year, Consumer Electronics Show is just two months away from its commencement. Every year, CES takes place in January showing out some of the latest innovations and products. CES is one of the biggest tech exhibition on earth, it is larger than IFA in Berlin and bigger than MWC Barcelona.

Companies from all across the world take the stage to showcase their upcoming lineup of product packed with latest technologies.

When & Where CES 2019 Taking Place

CES 2019 will take place in Las Vegas in Nevada from 8th January and 12th January 2019

Almost every major tech company of the world takes the platform at CES presenting a range of products from mobile phones to smart washing machine

Talking about the companies which will take part in the CES 2019 exhibition will majorly include Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic, Intel, Nvidia, AMD, HTC, DJI, Philips and many more



Let us have a look, what sort of products the companies will offer us at CES 2019.

Samsung, the Korean tech giant has always shown a lot of innovative products at CES, ranging from Smart TV to Smart kitchen products. Artificial Intelligence has now been an inclusive part of our lives, as we see more and more products are being aligned with AI to provide us with better usability. The centreline of the CES Products will be future ready technology coupled with AI and in mobile communication, we will see the introduction of 5G mobiles

It is expected that the Samsung will showcase its foldable phone ” Samsung Galaxy X” this year at CES 2019. In the last few months, we have seen a lot of patent filings being done by Samsung, and it is expected that we will see few patent filings taking the shape of a prototype for CES 2019

Samsung Foldable phone

Last year, Samsung has showcased their TV known as “The Wall” captivating all the eyes at CES 2018, for the coming CES it is rumoured that Samsung is planning to shrink ” The Wall ” to make it fit into your home.

CES 2019

Also, at CES 2019 we will see many 4K OLED TV’s coming into play from many big brands

Sony has been little quite all this year in the mobile segment industry, but it is expected that Sony is ready to create an uproar in the market with its new Xperia Series

Huawei is also expected to launch a foldable phone for consumers at CES 2019

In the last few months, we have seen Qualcomm and many mobile communications companies are partnering up to test our their 5G devices, it is expected 5G will play a big in CES 2019. We are likely to see many 5G powered smartphones for the CES 2019

Popular Graphics Processor making company AMD has also announced the launch of 3rd Generation of Ryzen processor and new graphics cards lineup at this mega event

CES 2019 Updates

Intel who has recently started working discrete graphics card, we also might see some good graphics hardware launching under the banner of Intel

The mega tech event is still two months away and companies have maintained a tight lip and did not reveal their lineup of products unveiling at this mega event. But as the dates will approach closer, we will see a tentative list of products to be presented at CES 2019 and we will keep you updated with the same