How to check Netflix data consumption on your phone or PC

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Netflix has emerged as an entertainment giant over last few years who is churning out original content at a pace that no one can match at present. And it is going to make sure that it makes presence felt not only in the US but also in other subsequent territories. But to watch these popular marathons, you need to have access to the high speed internet with unlimited validity. If you have a limited data plans then watching your favourite shows can cost you more. As watch a show either on mobile or Pc with Hd quality consumes a lot of data, which can result in ending up your plan.But Good news is , you can actually view and have a look and check Netflix data consumption and control how you use the Netflix. So here is How to check the data usage of Netflix on your device.

Check Netflix data consumption on your android device;

1.To check the data consumption on Android just head onto settings > Applications. Now here you will find a list of all your installed apps, when you find the Netflix app just click on it to open.

check Netflix data consumptioncheck Netflix data consumption


2.Now under the Data usage option you can check the amount of data consumed by the Netflix app. Download Netflix for Android


check Netflix data consumptioncheck Netflix data consumption

Check Netflix data consumption on iOS device ;

  1. Access the Settings, search for “Mobile” and the Netflix app between programs. Just touch the icon to access information about the data.
  2. To check the data consumption of Netflix app on your iOS device, head onto the settings
  3. Find the option “Mobile” and scroll and look for Netflix app.
  4. Now just click on the Netflix app to know the details for data consumption by it.

check Netflix data consumption

Check Netflix data consumption on PC – for Netflix app on Windows 10

  1. First step is to open the settings which you can open by tapping on windows icon available on the bottom left corner and then clicking on settings icon or you can opt for Cortana.

check Netflix data consumption

2.Now after entering into the settings click on the “Network and Internet”, and further search for “Data usage”.

windows settings data usage and networks

3.Now tap on the “View Usage details” to check out the data consumption details for app on PC.

Image result for windows settings view usage details

4. Here find out the Netflix app and access the details of data consumption of Netflix app.

check Netflix data consumption

Check Netflix data consumption on your browser.

If you don’t use the Netflix app on your PC and prefer to watch it on your Browser, Don’t worry here also you can check the data consumption details. Here we are using Google chrome as the Browser.

  1. First step is to open the Netflix on your browser, then you need to access the developer tools by pressing Ctrl+ Shift+ I. It can also be done by going to more tools in chrome settings.
  2. Now tap on the Network tab and check the amount of data transferred or consumed at the bottom of the page.


That’s all you need to check the data consumption of the Netflix, either on your PC or mobile. Now Watch your favorite movies and shows with keeping a look on the data usage, in case you have a limited data plan.


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